Love In A Loop Episode 21 & 22: Time Loop Coming To An End?

Love in a Loop ep 21 & 22
Love In A Loop

It’s the last week of Love in a Loop’s broadcast. Episode 21 & 22 of Love in a Loop marks its last 2 episodes before the final 2 episodes. The drama has seen a great run until now, and it’s going to have a great ending too. The plot of the time loop is an innovative one and the audiences are loving it. Usually, Chinese dramas heavily rely on magic and martial arts-based themes. Romantic comedies are usually cliched in nature with high school and college tropes. But by adding some fantasy to a slice of life drama, the makers of love in a loop have done a revolutionary job.

With every episode, our curiosity has only increased. Fans are excited and nervous as the drama is reaching its end. The preview of these last few remaining episodes has taken our excitement to another level. Ahead of this article, I will guide you on how to watch the drama from the comforts of your home and the release date of Episode 21 & 22 of Love in a Loop.

What has happened in Love in a Loop until now?

The drama began with the narcissistic boss Bai Zhengxiang and his subordinate Li Luduo’s bantering. In the first episode itself, we see Zhengxinag dying whenever he is cursed. Luduo realizes she is living the same day over and over again. It doesn’t take her much time to figure out the connection between her boss getting cursed and dying. She realizes every time her boss dies, she is thrown into a time loop.

Eventually, they try taking advantage of this time looping until they realize their abuse of this power has changed time circulation. The change has adverse effects on the real world, even harming the people and things around them.

Also in the last few episodes, the show has taken a slight turn from being a comedy to being a little mysterious too. There are shady characters in the company where Mr. Bai and Luduo work at. After a food poisoning incident at the company, Zhengxiang lost his position as director. Luduo is made the temporary director of her team. It turned out that someone from within Lazy Food snitched on the company for some extra money. After the issue is resolved, Zhengxiang is now back being the director of the company.

But one thing that has remained unchanged is the cute chemistry between our main leads. It’s cute and funny at the same time to see such opposite people liking each other and helping each other out. Especially Zhengxiang, who was narcissistic but is changing his ways by being with Luduo.

Love in a loop episode 21 & 22Love in a loop episode 21 & 22
Zhengxiang and Luduo cr: iQIYI

Episode 21 & 22 of Love In a Loop preview

It is quite clear that Zhengxiang and Luduo have made out of the time circulation somehow, but it keeps having various side effects. Like making Zhengxian lose his voice. The last time they misused the power, his brother Bai Wuque had his leg broken. A lot of open ends still lie ahead of us.

In the last few episodes, a mysterious figure has also been seen lurking who has been keeping an eye on Bai Zhengxiang. The guy has installed mics in his homes and is tracking each move of Zhengxiang and Luduo now. Lately, the Sanxing company, the label of Lazy Food has seen rough times. Every time Luduo and Zhengxiang have solved issues, but this time, it’s more sinister, and perhaps, connected with some events in the past.

Love in a Loop episode 21 & 22 release date

Episode 21 & 22 of Love in a Loop will release on 17 May 2022. These two episodes mark the beginning of the end. All open-end are expected to get tied up by these two episodes’ end. Avid watchers of the drama are impatient to see how it ends but doesn’t want it to end either. It’s quite a dilemma a person goes through every time they start watching a new show. But watching a re-run of the drama is always an option. For which I would be giving you the streaming details of the show for your perusal. New drama enthusiasts can also benefit from it.

Episode 21 & 22 of Love in a Loop streaming details

Both episodes 21 & 22 of Love in a Loop will be released on the official streaming partners’ sites, iQIYI, and Tencent Video. 2 episodes are released on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Members who have the VIP pass on Viki can unlock and watch 2 episodes at once. Meanwhile, for the rest of the free users, it’s only 1 episode per day.

You can also note the timings down for the time of the release of the episodes. For viewers in the US, it’s 7:30 am; 12:30 pm if you are in the UK, 5:00 pm in India, 9:30 pm for Australia, and 7:30 am in Canada.

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