Luckiest Avengers Wins In Marvel Comics

Split image of Ares, Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet and Hulk in Marvel comics

The Avengers are fierce in battle, strategically brilliant, and excellent at working alongside one another. But these many strengths aren’t always the key to victory. Sometimes the Avengers have won despite their best efforts. Those wins can usually be attributed to sheer luck.

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Events outside the Avengers’ control can mean the difference between life and death. Although they certainly welcome these fateful incidents, those lucky breaks don’t always have positive results long-term. Regardless, the Avengers will still claim any win they can, as long as it continues their proclamation to protect the Marvel Universe at all costs.



10 Norman Osborn’s Shot

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The Secret Invasion narrative completely shifted the Marvel Universe. The implication that alien Skrulls had been infiltrating the Avengers put the Earth’s security at risk. A final confrontation took place in the Savage Land, where the invaders and the Avengers fought to win it all.

Despite the Avengers’ best efforts, they were unable to get the job done by themselves. Norman Osborn, shockingly killed the Skrull Queen and put an end to the conflict. His arrival and swift action was a moment of luck for the Avengers. But the victory would be brief, as Osborn’s actions allowed him to take control of Earth’s protection.

9 The Dark Avengers’ Implosion

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One of the Avengers’ worst mistakes was allowing the Dark Avengers to form. Under the tutelage of Norman Osborn, this unit became unstoppable during the Dark Reign. Osborn’s grotesque scheme to attack Asgard involved the Dark Avengers. It seemed that this would be another victory for the former Green Goblin.

However, the Avengers found a lucky break. In-fighting within the Dark Avengers allowed the heroic team to pinpoint their weaknesses. The murder of Ares was the beginning of the end, as the Avengers had to switch gears to defeat Sentry. However, the collapse of Osborn’s team was exactly what the Avengers needed to gain an advantage and regroup.

8 The Celestials Change Of Heart

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The Avengers vs. X-Men vs. Eternals narrative led to Judgment Day. The creation of the Celestial known as The Progenitor meant that the entire planet was judged for its sins. The Avengers were seemingly helpless against this all-powerful being and were on the verge of defeat.

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But The Progenitor had a sudden change of heart and made a shocking confession. After learning it wasn’t really a god, the Celestial had lost all hope for saving humanity as it had intended. It luckily chose to stand down from its post and pass its powers on to Ajak of the Eternals. The destructive events were reversed, and the Avengers could credit luck for the victory.

7 Cap’s Surrender

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The superhuman Civil War raged on between Captain America’s resistance and Iron Man’s government-backed team. The fate of the superhero community relied on the Registration Act, which Cap and his allies rejected with all of their power.

Avenger fought Avenger on that day, and there were no true victors. However, Iron Man achieved the “win” because of luck. Cap surrendered after getting a glimpse of the true hurt and chaos he was causing the community. If this had not happened, Civil War would have ended very differently.

6 Hulk Held Back

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Hulk is one of the most brutal members of the Avengers. Hulk uses rage and strength against the Avengers’ most villainous nemeses. In World War Hulk, the Green Goliath sought to destroy the team itself. After the Illuminati sent him to space, Hulk returned for revenge.

The Hulk seemed more powerful than ever and was laying waste to the Avengers and his former friends. But they only claimed victory because of the mercy Hulk demonstrated. He held back when he could have pushed harder. He refused to murder and this gave the Avengers an opening. With the arrival of the Sentry, Hulk lost.

5 Loki’s First Defeat

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The Avengers united against a common foe: Thor’s mischievous brother, Loki. The very first Avengers comic is absolutely iconic because it launched a team that would define Marvel’s legacy. But Loki didn’t lose because of their expert teamwork. It was more down to luck.

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At the height of the battle between Loki and the Avengers, the God of Mischief became radioactive. This should have been game over for the Earth’s mightiest heroes. But Loki luckily stood on a conveniently placed trap door. Ant-Man opened it and Loki fell in a lead container. The Avengers wouldn’t have lasted without that trap door.

4 Rick Jones’ Destiny Force

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The Kree-Skrull War arc was a major turning point in the cosmic adventures of the Avengers. This intergalactic conflict was a massive deal and the Avengers were very much out of their depth. The team would have never been able to end the barbaric war had it not been for a surprising savior.

Rick Jones had been trapped in the Negative Zone. This unlocked an inner power known as the Destiny Force in the underrated Avenger. After Jones had been freed, this turn of luck allowed him to summon a team of Golden Age heroes to assist the Avengers in victory. Jones was the key to success. His fortunate power set saved the day.

3 Wanda’s Reality Shifting

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The House of M arc changed reality on Earth-616. The power of the Scarlet Witch rewrote the Avengers’ lives. Although members of the team had begun to build a resistance to overthrow this false world, the team wouldn’t have been successful without Wanda’s own decisions.

After Magento killed his son, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch decided she’d had enough. She lashed out and claimed she wanted no more Mutants, suggesting they are all freaks. She rewrote reality again, allowing the Avengers to hold a half-victory that they weren’t remotely responsible for. Wanda’s outburst was the luck the team needed for everything to go back to normal; albeit without any more Mutants.

2 Thanos Is Unworthy

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The Avengers risked everything when facing Thanos in the Infinity Gauntlet saga. The character had the power to end everything, but a lucky series of events changed the power positions.

Thanos ascended to an Astral Plane, allowing Nebula to take the Gauntlet. Thanos was luckily convinced that he had never been worthy of the Gauntlet and decided to take action against his daughter. He was key to tricking Nebula, allowing Adam Warlock to take advantage and claim the Infinity Gems for himself. Thanos’ choice could have gone either way.

1 Chitauri Kill Switch

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While the Avengers might have seen a lot of luck in the comics, that good fortune extended to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the first Avengers outing, the Earth’s mightiest were faced with the alien Chitauri. Their invasion of New York could have been a disaster.

But luckily, Iron Man repositioned a nuclear weapon to destroy the mother ship. Surprisingly, this actually worked, and every Chitauri dropped dead upon impact. There was no way of telling that his tactical maneuver would have been a success and even less certainty that without the nuke there would have been a backup plan. Everything lined up perfectly for the Avengers in a moment of chance.

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