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‘Luoyang Episode 39’: The Final Call of Events

‘Luoyang Episode 39’: The Final Call of Events

‘Luoyang Episode 39’ is going to hit the screens very soon. The show has reached its finale after a long premiere period. It has done really well in all aspects and has bagged thousands of audiences with its excellent story flow. The C-Drama has made it successfully to everyone’s watchlist and we are sure that it is going to be a re-watch for many out there. With its broadening of international attention, the show has got really good reviews and ratings that are really encouraging and has attracted several viewers towards it.

In all its previous episodes, the show has built up a very engaging concept and series of events. It has turned into something really intriguing and interesting for every viewer out there and the limelight it has received has been well-deserving. The intense story development and lyrical patterns inside the Chinese drama series managed to create the suspense thrill throughout the previous episodes.

Now, with the final episode in line the viewers out there are really excited. The plotline ahead is going to turn into a really intriguing one and we are sure that all of us are going to hold our breaths in the final moments. While many are rooting for a happy ending, some others are looking out for something sharp and revengeful.

It is to be seen what actually happens in this last episode of the show. Here, we have summarized details about the same. Therefore, let’s have a quick skim inside.

‘Luoyang Episode 39’ Release Date

‘Luoyang Episode 39’ is going to release on December 30, 2021, at 5:30 PM. The C-Drama has reached its final destination after a whole month period of airing and now the audience out there is really eager to know the future events.

Luoyang Episode 36

All the previous episodes of the show have received a consistent viewership scale and now with the drama approaching its end, the graph has become very packed up and impressive. The lyrical flowing pattern of the story, powerful cast performance, engaging content delivery; and creative suspense level have managed to get the attention of every Asian drama enthusiast.

Moreover, the upcoming episodes of the show are going to bring up a really great turn of situations and the needed thrill inside. There are many theories related to the show’s ending floating around the internet and we can’t wait to see if any of them actually comes true.

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‘Luoyang Episode 39’: Where to Watch?

For all the domestic and international viewers out there, iQiyi is the platform for you. To begin with the show on this, you will be needed to decide on a subscription package. You can easily choose that from the various available price plans on the website.

Moreover, you are also free to surf through the internet for finding any other alternative source for watching the series. Though, finding a reliable source is quite difficult but never impossible. Once you find one for you, then you can kickstart with all the upcoming and already released episodes of the series.

‘Luoyang Episode 39’: Spoilers & Recap

In the previous episodes, we saw Gong Yan being changed by Wu Siyue in sheer desperation. Though, the luck was not quite by her side when Gong Yan swiftly moved through the crowded street; and managed to poison a passerby which led to utter chaos. A medical worker was called in a hurry for doing the required treatment. Taking the opportunity Gong Yan managed to getaway.

Kang Jin’s sudden death was another full-blown surprise and shock for everyone. The situation was being repeatedly examined by Lo Beiqi and each time he reached the same conclusion. A letter was delivered to Baili Hongyi by Wu Siyue. Receiving the news, he hurriedly came to the Nwiwei Mansion; and it was discovered that there was a white powder in the clothes of Kang Jin.

‘Luoyang Episode 39’: The Final Call of Events
Luoyang episode 36

Baili Hongyi was asked by Liu Ran for the arrangement of wine and dishes in the garden pavilion for the celebration of the Qiqiao Festival.

On the other side, Baili Hongyi was desperate to find the truth about the white powder which he found on Kang Jin’s clothes. In the next scene, we saw a flower boat in the Luo River in which; the goddess Yuwen Peipei sang and danced which attracted everyone’s attention. The crowd was thick making it difficult for Liu Feng to squeeze in who was in sheer excitement thinking about Chunhe.

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