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Luoyang Episodes 37 & 38: Is There Any End to Gao Binghzu’s Miseries?

Luoyang Episode 37 & 38: Is There Any End to Gao Binghzu’s Miseries?

‘Luoyang Episodes 37 & 38’ are going to hit the screens very soon. In the previous episodes, the show has received lots of positive attention and encouragement in the form of overwhelmingly positive reviews and ratings. The series has progressed into something really intriguing and encouraging and is doing certainly well on all the grounds. Undoubtedly, every scene of the show has created a greater picture ahead for the viewers and now with the new upcoming episodes, all of them are expecting the storyline to take some sharp and unexpected turns.

All the cast and crew members of the series have proved themselves repeatedly with the delivery of quality content to the audiences. They have become perfect for everyone and have undoubtedly raised the bar higher up. Moreover, the genres of the C-Drama have been featured in a very particular way attracting viewership from all the corners.

Here, we are going to talk about the upcoming episodes of the show and to tell you all the needed details about the same. So, let’s have a quick skim inside.

‘Luoyang Episodes 37 & 38’ Release Date

‘Luoyang Episodes 37 & 38 are going to release on December 29, 2021, at 5:30 PM. The C-Drama has reached its final stage and now is going to bid goodbye to us really soon. The days are passing quickly and the episodes are approaching in a rush. All the viewers out there are eagerly waiting for the last three episodes to air. Although they too are quite gloomy with the series reaching its end in some time now. It was a fairly long journey with it and now with the end of this year, we are also going to reach the end of this historical drama series.

Luoyang episode 36

Throughout the previous episodes, we were taken on a roller-coaster of emotions. One moment someone was dying and in another, we were shown a new conspiracy. It would be absolutely right to say that the show is the full package of thrill, suspense, and emotions. Moreover, the audience out there is awaiting the previous episodes. They are eager to know the storyline ahead and the development of their favorite characters. Overall, it has been a very thrilling and engaging journey this far with the episodes of the show.

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‘Luoyang Episodes 37 & 38’: Where to Watch?

iQiyi is the platform for both domestic and international audiences out there. Though, a little trouble is that the platform needs a subscription, to begin with. You can choose it accordingly from the main website of the streaming platform. Though, looking for a platform that doesn’t need any subscription is quite difficult. You are always open to surfing the internet to its fullest extent.

‘Luoyang Episodes 37 & 38’: Spoilers & Recap

In the previous episodes, we saw Gong Yan killing her grandma’s son before Wu Siyue and Le Beiqui arrived at the scene. Therefore, they joined hands to deal with him. There was so much happening with every character inside that it became really an overwhelming experience.

Li Yichen received details from Gao Bingzhu about the description given by Chen Qingzhi. Chunqiu Dao was in charge of Zhangqiu and Zhangchun after Xiaoyaozi was arrested. This caused a series of confusion between all of them.

Luoyang Episode 37 & 38: Is There Any End to Gao Binghzu’s Miseries?
Luoyang Episode 36

Next, we saw, ambassador Zhangchun purposefully ignoring the vulgar things. Instead of going the way, he relied on studying the magical methods of alchemy and medicine in the classics and decided to do great things through the process. It was later felt by Gao that the envoy sent by Zhangchun shouldn’t be taken lightly.

It was revealed by Li Yichen that he has spilled the details about Kang Jin’s whereabouts to Wu Siyue. The truth was founded by Gao Bingzhu that the Kebu caravan traveled back and forth between the Western Regions and the God Capital every year. There was a great distance between the two points and therefore the caravan has to travel continuously. Therefore, it was concluded by Gao that the buyer of the goods was somehow related to Chunqiu Road.

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