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Luoyang Season 2: Is The C-Drama Getting a Renewal?

Luoyang Season 2: Is The C-Drama Getting a Renewal?

Luoyang Season 2 is the new hot topic on the internet. All the C-Drama fans out there have bid goodbye to the first season of the show and now are waiting eagerly for the second season of the show. It is safe to say that the Chinese drama series has left a very heavy imprint on everyone’s mind. With its huge viewership numbers and amazing success rate, the show won millions of hearts. Moreover, the historical drama has become one of the favorites of everyone out there.

The first season of the show has bagged incredible numbers of fans, and all of them have flooded the internet with assumptions about the second season. It is obvious that the audience had a good time with all the episodes of the show. Social media platforms are crystal-clear proof of the same, and it is good to see that the show has successfully hypnotized everyone under its spell.

The genres of history, thriller, and mystery did a great job of enhancing the quality of the show. All in all, Luoyang became one of the best dramas of the year 2021. The story of a deputy marshal and a woman with amazing martial skills won the hearts and eyes of every viewer out there.

Here, we are going to talk about the second season of Luoyang and to tell you all the needed details about the same. So, let’s have a quick skim inside.

Luoyang Season 2: Is There a Chance of Renewal?

There are no announcements about Luoyang Season 2. It is true that the internet is flooded with assumptions about the second part of the show, but nothing has been confirmed officially. Moreover, the first season of the drama came out on December 1, 2021, and aired its final episode on December 29, 2021. It had a total of 39 episodes, and the interesting thing about them is that all of those saw a very consistent crowd of viewers. Since its debut, the show managed to capture everyone’s attention and did incredibly well on every ground.

Luoyang Season 2: Is The C-Drama Getting a Renewal?
Wu Youjue

It was truly good to see the drama series achieving all the deserved attention from their audiences. Another interesting thing about Luoyang is that all of its episodes were rich in content and engagement. All of them managed to successfully captivate the attention of their audiences, both domestic and global.

Talking about the second season of the show then, for now, nothing can be said as we know that the show was based on a novel with the same name by Ma Bo Yong. Therefore, deciding anything on its second season won’t be safe. The book doesn’t have a sequel. Therefore expecting a second season of the show seems quite a difficult task. Though, we will keep you updated about everything if there is any announcement regarding Luoyang Season 2.

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Where to Watch Luoyang Season 2?

If you are watching the kdrama domestically, then you can switch to the streaming platform iQiyi. Here, one can have easy access to the show. However, if you are a part of the international viewers, then you might face some issues with the platform as Luoyang has been restricted from streaming in some regions.

You can just take up a subscription and start with the show.

Luoyang Season 2: The Cast Lineup

The cast lineup of the show gathered the entire attention of the viewers out there. All of them did an outstanding job with their roles, and their screen presence was really powerful in every episode of the show.

In the main role, there were Huang Xuan in the role of Gao Bing Zhu, Wang Yi Bo playing the role of Baili Hong Yi, Victoria Song in the character of We Siyue, and Song Yi in the role of Liu Ran.

Luoyang Season 2: Is The C-Drama Getting a Renewal?Luoyang Season 2: Is The C-Drama Getting a Renewal?
Gao Binghzu

Talking about the second season of the show, there aren’t any announcements regarding the same. Though, if anything comes up in the future, we will keep you updated about it.

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Luoyang Season 1 – The Final Moments

The ending of the show was not anything lesser than a rollercoaster ride for every viewer out there. We saw some major plot twists happening that completely blew off our brains and were all concise. Everything about the ending of the series was quite surprising and satisfying at the same time. Moreover, the audiences out there are really expecting the second season to happen after witnessing the end.

It was reported to the Empress by Master Wu that Baili Kuanren had been transferred to the dungeon, and all the grains had been successfully recovered. Moreover, all the civilians have received the grains and vendors too. We also come to know that the Joint Court has another spy who is spilling some important information outside in a very mysterious way.

Situations escalated, and we saw Baili Kuaren being publicly executed. On the other hand, Master Wu was labeled as the hero for taking off the mask and catching Baili Kuare

Luoyang Season 2: Is The C-Drama Getting a Renewal?Luoyang Season 2: Is The C-Drama Getting a Renewal?
Luoyang Episode 38

One thing led to another, and we saw Master Wu being announced as the King of Longshan and also got the authority of 3000 households from the Empress. She also regarded him as being better than her direct descendants and also apologized for all the involuntary happenings. Liou Feng was furious after discovering the news about Chuche’s death. Chuche was killed for working with the Four Season. Later, we see Bing Zhe narrating all the incidents to Siyueat at the Unwelcome Well. He also had the instinct that this was not the end and there was more to come.

In the next scene, we see Siyue shooing off the people from Liu Ran at the store and then finding out the secret of her brother. After finding out the truth about her brother’s true natures, she was disgusted and overwrought. The death of Bei Qi was still filling her heavy with guilt. The temptation to kill her brother was high within her, but she didn’t give in to it. We also see Erlang and Liu Ran holding a bon voyage party as they were leaving Luoyang for good as he had avenged his father. And thus, his purpose was fulfilled. There were new recruitments by Master Wu for the Inner Guard, and they all were from Four Seasons.

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Luoyang Season 1 Ending Explained

The ending was super sad for everyone. Many hearts broke, and viewers were sobbing their eyes out at the final moment. The day was pretty normal when the Empress arrived at the South market to officially open the granaries. We also saw Master Wu installing the Thunder underground beforehand in the crowded market to blow everyone else.

Master Wu was blown out to find Bing Zhe in between the dyed hanging long cloths while Empress was giving her speech. The situation turned in several directions, and we saw that Bing Zhe getting suspicious of Master Wu. Because he already knew the actual truth about him and Erlang as they were able to successfully mobilize the residents of the Unwelcome Well to remove and disable the Thunders.

It was not long after he realized that there was no explosion, even after Empress finished her speech. We see Bing Zhe saying that Master Wu had been really clever with his plans and had successfully got everyone in trouble, including the King of East Sea and the Crown Prince.

Wu Youjue

They were surrounded by Inner and Palace guards and were led by Siyue. The Peony token was brought by Siyue, and she arrested her brother under the order of the Empress. Though, she continued to beg her brother to surrender. Master Wu has always been protective over her and thus explained that she has no business with this. But she was still dragged into the mess and had to pay by the grassy knoll, and the tragedy happened when we found the rooftop long gunman/arrow shooter in the standby. The entire crowd of viewers was left in shock when she got shot and lost her life in the arms of Bing Zhe.

Luoyang episode 39

The scene shifted to ten days later, and we saw Empress discovering about the Unwelcomed Well residents and their contribution. Because of this, she invited the residents to come out of their hiding and join the overground people of Luoyang. It concluded on a very comprehensive note with all the members of Four Season’s being arrested and Master Wu being pardoned for his death penalty. Master Chu was given the role of the leader of the Joint Court once again. Meanwhile, Erlang was promoted as Minister of Works, but he chose to travel with Liu Ran.

Liu Feng was banished from the state, and Bing Zhe was extremely satisfied by seeing the people of Unwelcomed Well mingling with the residents of Luoyang. All in all, the ending was really shocking and unexpected for everyone. The death of Siyue was a very unexpected event. Though, in all the ways, the show wrapped up on a good note.

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