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Man With A Mission to Appear at X Games 2022

Japanese superstars MAN WITH A MISSION will make their first appearance at X Games, the world’s largest international competition for action sports. ‘Tonight, Tonight’, taken from upcoming album Break and Cross the Walls II, will also be the official theme song for the event.

Previously world-class musicians such as Metallica, Kanye West, G-Eazy, Ice Cube, Nicki Minaj, Wu-Tang Clan, The Chain Smokers, Diplo, Tiesto have participated in each country’s competition. Now, the tournament comes to Japan for the first time on 23 April, with MAN WITH A MISSION set to perform on the main stage to an expected audience of over 50,000 people.

Tokyo Tanaka, MAN WITH A MISSION vocalist and leader who also loves to skateboard and snowboard, says, “X Games is being held in Japan – I’m so excited! It’s an event I’ve been longing to come here, and to be able to perform live there, I can’t help but get excited! See you all at the world’s top action sports festival, moriagarimasho!! Let’s go!!!”

Break and Cross the Walls II, the forthcoming 14-track album of huge rock anthems also includes further songs selected for huge syncs including ‘More Than Words’, which has been selected as the theme song for upcoming movie Radiation House: The Movie out later this month, and ‘Blaze’ which is the opening theme song of the TV animation Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, which is already broadcast in Japan. The album is available to preorder now from JPU Records, and includes lyric translations and romaji transliterations edited by the band’s guitarist Jean-Ken Johnny.

Release date: 27 May 2022

Japan’s MAN WITH A MISSION complete their two-set album release with Break and Cross the Walls II! A world bursts into colour – from conflict to harmony, with a striking visual image – five wolves in paint-splattered, multi-coloured jumpsuits create a new world of hope & peace!

The first release of the set, Break and Cross the Walls I, is also available on CD with video on demand content included.


01. Tonight, Tonight
02. More Than Words
03. All You Need
04. blue soul
05. Left Alive
06. Perfect Clarity
07. Between fiction and friction Ⅱ
08. Blaze
09. Rock Kingdom feat. Tomoyasu Hotei
10. Rain
11. The Soldiers From The Start
12. The Victors
13. Dark Crow (Break and Cross the Walls Ver.)
14. Chisakimonotachi (Acoustic Ver.)
15. Anonymous


+ English lyric translations edited by Jean-Ken Johnny
+ Romaji transliterations
+ Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans special Edition opening theme song (Blaze)
+ Vinland Saga opening theme song (Dark Crow)
+ Track featured in game A.I.M.$ All you need Is Money (All You Need)
+ Radiation House: The Movie theme song (More Than Words)
+ Theme song to X Games Chiba 2022 (Tonight, Tonight)

Video on Demand Content:

MAN WITH A MISSION ACOUSTIC LIVE at Miracle Ipponmatsu Hall, Rikuzentakata City, Iwate (only included with the CD + VoD edition)

01. whatever you had said was everything
02. 2045
03. yoake
04. colours
05. Memories
06. Chisakimonotachi

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