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Manga Creator Sanpei Satо̄ Passes Away at 91

Manga creator Sanpei Satо̄ passed away due to aspiration pneumonia at a hospital in Tokyo last Saturday. He was 91.

According to his family, Satо̄ had not been writing for about two years. He became sick in June and had gone to the hospital for treatment.

Satо̄ was born in Nagoya in 1929, and he grew up in Osaka. He was known for the Fuji Santarо̄ 4-panel manga series, which he launched in 1965 in Asahi Shimbun. The satire centers on a salaryman during the period of Japan’s economic growth and bubble economy. The manga was serialized for over 26 years.

In 1982, Satо̄ also created the Dotanba no Manners manga, which inspired a television anime from 1984-1987. The series discusses social etiquette through the stories of Dotanba, a man who gets himself into many social situations. The anime had 283 five-minute episodes.

Satо̄ received the Purple Ribbon Medal in 1997 for contributing to academic and artistic developments, improvements and accomplishments. He also earned the Order of the Rising Sun Small Ribbon in 2006 for his distinguished achievements.

Source: NHK

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