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Manga Planet Licenses Yumi Sudo’s Miyako Bijin Yawa Manga

Also: futekiya licenses Sampling Sex, The Nature of Master/Slave Relationship, Please Don’t Bite Me So Much! manga

Fantasista, Inc.’s Manga Planet manga subscription service announced on Monday that it has licensed Yumi Sudo’s Miyako Bijin Yawa (Miyako’s Night Tales) manga.

Additionally, Fantasista, Inc.’s futekiya boys-love manga subscription service announced on Sunday that it has licensed three new manga from Dogenzaka Shobo.

Manga Planet describes the Miyako Bijin Yawa:

Twenty-six-year-old Keiichi just got out of his dreadful former job, so it’s no surprise that the sight of his abusive ex-boss still makes him run for the hills – and right into a strangely horror-themed bar. There, he meets Miyako, a kimono-clad beauty who lets him air out his grievances. Her quiet charm and love for horror stories has Keiichi so smitten that he wishes he can meet her again. But will he still want to be around her even after finding out the real reason behind her kindness that night?

Shodensha shipped the single-volume manga in April 2018. Molly Karinen won the Grand Prize at The Manga Translation Battle in 2019 for her English language translation of the manga, and Manga Planet‘s release will feature Karinen’s translation.

futekiya will add the following titles to its subscription service:

Title: Sampling Sex
Creator: Nacolat
Summary: Araeda may have gotten himself into his college upperclassman’s adult toy company, but he’d never really thought of putting his hands on the merchandise – not until big, burly Sakuma asks him for some help! Araeda’s skills may be focused on device connectivity, but is that the only thing he wants to connect with Sakuma right now?

Title: The Nature of Master/Slave Relationship (Shuju no Saga)
Creator: Makuno
Summary: In a world where humans are either Doms who live to follow or Subs who live to serve, Sub Akito is kept under careful lock and key by his master and uncle Naohisa. Bound with the promise that he could be unchained and see the outside world when he comes of age, Akito thinks that he’s perfectly fine with the status quo…until one night, a man breaks into their house and Akito’s life. (Warning: Incest)

Title: Please Don’t Bite Me So Much! (Onegai Sonna ni Kamanaide)
Creator: Mitsuru Sangou
Summary: It’s gonna take more than a half-hearted dye job for plain-faced Yanagi to make a successful college debut, and that’s something he has to learn the hard way. His senior at work, Igarashi, whose effortless looks and intense personality make him popular with everyone, might be the best person to ask for advice. But should he really trust the same guy who randomly bit his finger to hold a piercing gun to his earlobe?

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