Marvel Snap Creator Explains The Smartest Time to Snap

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Marvel Snap creator Ben Brode says snapping at the start of a match is actually an effective way to use the game mechanic and earn more points.

The creator of Marvel Snap has an exciting strategy for earning more Cube points in a match.

Ben Brode, creator and Chief Development Officer, has a simple yet effective strategy for Snap. In a recent interview with Kotaku, he shared that players who “snap” at the start of a match are actually utilizing one of the smartest ways to play the game. “If you’re not good at determining whether to snap, you should probably be snapping round one, because it’s better than never snapping!,” he said. The tip is especially useful since many players apparently fail to utilize the Snap button, playing under the “better safe than sorry” mentality.

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Marvel Snap Creator’s Tips

For those unaware, each game of Marvel Snap contains the Cosmic Cube, which rewards players with XP for a win and subtracts for a loss. If a player is confident they will win the match, they can “snap,” effectively locking in their bet and increasing the value of the Cube. This allows for several unique strategies like snapping when you’re far in the lead, or bluffing when you’re far behind. However, the former Hearthstone game director says snapping at the start of the game advantageously eliminates much of the anxiety associated with winning or losing.

“Somebody with a negative win rate, but who wins eight cubes when they win and loses one cube when they lose, is going to skyrocket up the ladder,” Brode further explained. Yet, since the game is essentially a gamble, there’s a bit more nuance to it than some might think. Somebody who wins 70 percent of their games, but loses eight cubes when they lose and one cube when they win, is moving in the wrong direction,” he cautioned.

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Marvel Snap launched on Oct. 18, 2022, taking shape as a competitive card game for iOS, Android, and PC. It is currently in its fourth season, which is centered around The Savage Lands. The new season introduced several new characters, including Zabu the Sabertooth Tiger, along with five locations based on iconic areas from the comics. The game’s PvP “Battle Mode” will also launch toward the end of the season. More recently, Brode took to Twitter to announce a re-balance to the controversial “Leader” card.

The game currently touts a rating of 85 on Metacritic. While many critics praising the game’s nuanced gameplay and ease-of-entry, its monetization system is widely condemned. Regardless, the game has steadily grown in popularity following several season updates and has been downloaded around 5.3 million times. It won Best Mobile Game at the 2022 Video Game Awards and earned over $10 million in revenue in its first month of release.

Source: Kotaku


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