Marvel Snap Creator Really Doesn’t Want You to Use Agatha Harkness

Marvel Snap poster with the Agatha Harkness card.

Marvel Snap creator Ben Brode explained why he didn’t want players to include Agatha Harkness in their decks.

Per Eurogamer, Brode claimed Agatha was not meant to give players a viable alternative to playing the game for themselves, so he preferred it when players relied on their own skills to win their games. “I mean, I think the goal of the card is not to give you a path to Infinite,” he explained. “I would rather you don’t play Agatha actually. I’d rather you make hard decisions and try to puzzle out the right play.”


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Brode further claimed he wanted to keep Agatha on the weaker side of Marvel Snap‘s meta, with the creator stating that the developers wanted to showcase her unique gameplay element rather than her in-game power. He continued, “But we want there to be this really unique thing in the game. And so having Agatha be somewhat, somewhere below the midpoint line works. I want a really fun experience. I want to do something different. Yeah. Well, how do you build a deck that takes advantage of her? Probably don’t put Medusa in it!”

Who is Agatha Harkness?

Agatha Harkness is an infamous card in Marvel Snap that can be acquired from Pool 3 once the player has reached the sufficient Collection Level. She costs six energy and has one of the highest power stats in the game with 14 power. Her most notable trait is her unique ability, which allows her to start the game in the player’s hand while simultaneously taking control of their deck. This allows Agatha to play the game for the user automatically. However, Brode revealed she did not approach the game with any measure of strategy, with the AI assigning cards to random locations without regard for their effects.

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While the card is not recommended for players who want to reach the vaunted Infinity rank in Marvel Snap due to the unpredictability of her AI, players have still found a way to use Agatha’s unique ability by including her in their automatic farming decks. These decks often rely on simple cards that boost the user’s overall power when played and don’t require much strategy to implement properly. Though these decks will likely never be competitively viable, it does allow players to grind for resources with minimal effort.

Marvel Snap is available for iOS, Android, macOS and PC.

Source: Eurogamer


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