Marvel Snap! Players Debate the Best Bar Sinister Card

Marvel SNAP poster: America Chavez, Miles Morales, Ironheart, Galactus and Doctor Doom.

Marvel Snap players discuss what cards can create the most advantages or disadvantages when played on the multiplying location Bar Sinister.

A typical Marvel Snap game reveals three unique locations, but one sparked a debate on the most effective and, in some cases, troll strategies that can be played there.

Reddit user u/Daveycrits posed the question “Your favorite or best Bar Sinister play?” to the Marvel Snap subreddit. This location’s unique effect is that it fills itself with copies of the first card played there for each player. The original poster included their own strategy to kick off the discussion, stating that they use Green Goblin’s negative power and side-switching ability to block the opponent’s board before following it up with Omega Red. Since the opponent now has a power of negative 12, the multiplying Omega Red easily meets the criteria needed to add an extra four power per Omega Red to the remaining two locations.

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Marvel Snap Strategies

With over 380 comments at the time of writing, Redditors had plenty of opinions about which cards could deliver the biggest advantages for the rest of the game. One popular train of thought was using Bar Sinister to negatively impact the opponent by playing Green Goblin, the hand-destroying Moonknight, or Scorpion who could take away four power from an entire hand by the second turn. However, these types of cards can push an opponent to retreat if they know their winning combo has been obliterated, so snapping early will be required.

Another strategy cleverly incorporated cards that could move in order to block the space from any Green Goblin shenanigans and control the location’s multiplying effect. One user suggested using Nightcrawler to fill the spaces early before moving one out to make room for Blue Marvel and its Ongoing effect. This stops Blue Marvel from being replicated and lets a player move the remaining Nightcrawlers out before replacing them with Onslaught. The Onslaught replicates and creates a huge power bonus for all three lanes. In this same vein, Vision was mentioned as well. Once played on Bar Sinister, the player would have a mobile band of 28 total power at their disposal.

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A little over a week is left in the online card game’s current season, The Savage Land. Before its end, players will experience the first-ever Series Drop as well as the introduction of the teased PvP Battle Mode. The new game mode will operate a little differently than standard play, with each player having 10 health points to wager instead of cubes. They will face off with the same deck as many times as needed until one player loses all of their points. Similar to cubes, knowing when to snap and when to retreat will boost wins and mitigate losses.

Marvel Snap is available for free with optional microtransactions on Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows.

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