Marvel Snap Reveals Which Cards Win and Lose the Most

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Marvel Snap creator Ben Brode and Kotaku reveal that, based on the game’s data, Shang-Chi is an overrated card while the Human Torch is a big winner.

Marvel Snap data revealed unexpected results for the most and least successful cards in the hit game.

As reported by Kotaku, the collectible card game’s chief development officer Ben Brode gave some data-backed insight as to which cards were the most overrated and underrated. Using the game’s massive backlog of data, the card that appeared the most in decks that often lost was revealed to be none other than Shang-Chi. On the other end of the spectrum, the card that appeared the most in decks that won often was the Human Torch.

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Playing With Shang-Chi or Human Torch

The result was somewhat unexpected given that Shang-Chi is a very powerful 4-Cost card on its own. With an On-Reveal effect that destroys any enemy cards with nine power and above on the same location, it is a staple in many Marvel Snap counter decks. However, the data provided by Brode indicates that it may not be packing the punch players expect when they add it to their deck.

Human Torch’s in-game ability doubles the card’s power every time it moves. Costing one energy and starting with a base power of two, it can scale through the brief six turns of play as long as there are plenty of move abilities in the deck to support it. Interestingly, Brode also noted that the second most underrated card based on this data was Multiple Man — another core card in many move decks. Based on this data, Kotaku’s John Walker asked, “Oh my goodness, should we all be switching to move decks as our primary?”

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Marvel Snap Enters the Savage Land

The game recently entered its latest season, “The Savage Land.” The season’s leading character card is Zabu, a sabertooth cat and ally to the 4-Cost Ka-Zar. Zabu’s Ongoing ability synergizes with its friend, as it allows 4-Cost cards to be played for two less energy. Other cards joining the jungle fray include Sauron, Shanna the She-Devil, Dazzler and Shadow King. One of the cards will become available each week as the season progresses.

Shortly after the new season, the first patch of 2023 brought slight nerfs to big names like Galactus and Leader while adding some power to poor-performing cards like the Guardians of the Galaxy’s Drax and Groot. However, the space-faring heroes did not get a plus-one power boost for free. They also lost one power from their On-Reveal abilities which give them additional power if an opponent plays a card at the same location that they were played at.

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Marvel Snap can be played for free with optional microtransactions on iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows.

Source: Kotaku


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