Marvel SNAP’s Worst Locations Are Ruining The Game

10 Marvel Snap Locations That Make No Sense

Marvel SNAP‘s locations make every match feel different, and they are the reason the game stands out from the crowd of other digital TCGs on offer. In Marvel SNAP, players battle for control over three iconic locations from the Marvel Universe, chosen at random from a pool of over 100. Whoever controls two or more locations on Turn 6 wins. Every location has its own effects that shake up the game, and with so many different locations that can appear, no two matches are ever the same.

Some locations create interesting strategic challenges, and some lead to fun yet chaotic situations. Limbo adds a Turn 7 to the game, changing the flow of the match and enabling powerful late-game plays not possible in just six turns. The Raft rewards the first player to play four cards there with a free 6-cost card that costs 0 to play, initiating a frantic race between players.

Locations like these add depth and excitement to the digital TCG. Other locations, though, are not so fun, and some even shut down games entirely, with effects that destroy cards, shuffle rocks into players’ decks and even take away players’ control. Here’s why Marvel SNAP‘s worst locations are ruining the game.

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Marvel SNAP’s Locations That Destroy Cards Aren’t Fun

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Certain locations in Marvel SNAP prevent players from playing cards or even destroy them entirely. Death’s Domain destroys all cards played there, and Sanctum Sanctorum prevents cards from being played there at all. Flooding has a similar effect, becoming inaccessible from the next turn onwards. Even Danger Room, which only has a 25% chance to destroy cards, makes games more frustrating by introducing RNG into the mix. It’s never fun to lose cards, or games, to a dice roll.

Even more frustrating is Worldship, a location that destroys all other locations, including the cards that were played there, forcing players to battle over just one location for the rest of the game. For a TCG that values gameplay diversity so much, it’s an unusual choice to include so many locations that reduce variety and player choice within games. A few deck archetypes do benefit from some of these locations, like Destroy decks that include cards like Deadpool, but overall most players will find them doing more harm than good.

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Some Locations Disrupt Marvel SNAP’s Strategic Gameplay

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A few of the more common locations disrupt players’ strategies in a frustrating and tiresome way that detracts from Marvel SNAP‘s otherwise excellent strategic gameplay. Dream Dimension is a great example of this: it makes all cards cost 1 more on turn 5. On paper, this doesn’t sound like a huge change, but in reality this has a significant effect on games that renders many decks’ win conditions void. Game-winning 5-cost cards like Blue Marvel, Iron Man and Captain Marvel all become unplayable on turn 5, disabling certain decks’ win conditions completely.

Weirdworld is a location that really shakes things up by forcing players to draw from each others’ decks. This does put an interesting twist on games, but it can be tiresome having to play with cards that aren’t your own, and it’s especially irritating to lose to your own powerful cards and combos.

Perhaps the most infuriating locations of all are Subterranea and Lechuguilla. Subterranea shuffles 5 rocks into both players’ decks when it appears. Lechuguilla shuffles 3 rocks into players’ decks for each card they play there. Rocks are 1-cost, 1-power cards with no abilities, and they’re absolutely no fun to draw instead of the important cards in players’ decks. Rocks make players less likely to draw their important combo pieces, and it’s incredibly frustrating to lose games to a handful of rocks.

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Others Introduce Chaos, and Players are Divided

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Some locations, like Ego, are divisive, and players either love them or hate them. Ego takes over the game and plays both players’ cards for them when he appears. This of course makes games completely non-interactive, but the location is rare enough that it feels like a special occasion when it shows up, and it can make for some hilarious moments. There’s even a growing trend in the community for both players to Snap whenever Ego appears, which only adds to the fun.

In a similar vein, Krakoa takes over the game on turn 5 and plays both players’ cards for them, like Ego. While this is a less disruptive effect, it’s just as frustrating if not more to lose control of the game on one of the most pivotal turns. Cards that introduce randomness can sometimes lead to funny moments, but overall it can be infuriating to lose control in a game that values careful strategy and clever, well-thought-out turns.

Marvel SNAP‘s sheer variety of interesting and impactful locations is why every match feels unique, but a select few locations make games less fun to play when they appear. Locations that introduce more RNG, destroy players’ cards, or prevent cards being played entirely are bad for the game. They remove player choice and agency, and Marvel SNAP would do better to leave these locations behind.


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