Marvelous Unveils Project Life is RPG Game – News

Marvelous Unveils Project Life is RPG Game - News

New game inspired by classic JRPGs

Marvelous revealed a new game titled Project Life is RPG during its game showcase on Friday. The game is inspired by classic JRPGs. Marvelous did not reveal a release date for the game.

(12:06 to 14:51 in video below)

Marvelous’ American subsidiary publisher XSEED Games describes the game:

Harkening back to influential RPGs from Japanese developers over the years, PROJECT LIFE is RPG is a brand-new IP from Marvelous. Director Ittetsu Suzuki joined to share some of the team’s inspirations behind this new title, built around the theme of “Life” and all the ways it resembles an RPG. With the goal of building an original title all RPG fans will love, the team is working to capture the “feeling of anticipation” just before every great adventure.

Sources: Press release, Marvelous’ game showcase


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