Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Guardian Challenge Guide


Captain America’s Midnight Suns challenge can only be completed by defeating enemies in the correct sequence. This guide will show gamers how.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns offers a variety of different gameplay experiences throughout the course of its runtime. One of the more interesting parts of the game is the Challenge Missions players can unlock for each individual hero in the game. These missions task players with completing a quick combat encounter with certain restrictions placed on them. They add a fun new dimension to the game’s combat system, and they also offer the player some nice rewards for completing them.

Captain America’s Guardian challenge forces players to understand the best sequence to complete a series of attacks. Cap starts the challenge with a limited number of ability cards and needs to defeat enemies to gain more. However, it is important that players understand which to start with first in order to defeat the rest of the enemies. There is also one stronger enemy that players won’t be able to defeat if they don’t save up enough of their attacks to take it out. This makes Captain America’s challenge a puzzle that requires players to understand his moves and the character’s basic mechanics.

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What the Guardian Challenge Requires

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Captain America’s Guardian challenge, like all Challenge Missions, requires that the player meet a few requirements before it is unlocked. First, players will need to complete the research assignment “Forged in Hellfire” in the Forge. To do so, players must have access to level 4 research assignments, and they need to have taken Ghost Rider on four combat missions. After completing the research, players will then need to purchase the Armory upgrade to unlock Challenge Missions.

The other requirement to unlock Captain America’s challenge is to max out Cap’s friendship level. Players can increase their friendship with Captain America in a few different ways. A good first step would be to take Cap on combat missions with them. This will both increase friendship levels and also make it more likely that Cap will be available for a hangout. Players can further increase their friendship with Captain America during a hangout by making the right dialogue choices and bringing a gift he’ll like or love. A few good gifts for Cap are Avengers #4, a premium sketchbook, and Lessons in Leadership by Lt. Col. James Rhodes. Players can also spar with Captain America every so often to help increase their relationship further.

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How to Complete the Guardian Challenge

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The ultimate goal of Captain America’s Guardian Challenge is to defeat the enemy that is holding the Shield Charge ability card. While this might make players think they should focus directly on that enemy, there is actually no way to defeat it without taking out the others first. Several other enemies hold ability cards that are necessary to give Cap the boost he needs to take out the stronger enemy and complete the challenge. Players should start by using a Punch card to KO the enemy holding The Best Defense. This card will increase Cap’s Block rating with each bit of damage he does for the rest of the challenge.

The Best Defense should be played immediately before performing any other attacks, to maximize the amount of Block accrued. Next, players should use the Shield Bounce attack to take out three enemies including the one holding Tactician. It’s important to take out all three in order to gain more Block. Next, players should use Tactician to gain even more Block and draw a couple more cards. Next, take out the enemy holding Shield Bash with a Punch card. Players will now have three attacks left to take out the final enemy. Start with a Punch to increase Block a bit further, then use the two Shield Bash abilities. It’s important to increase Block first because Shield Bash will convert a percentage of Cap’s Block score into damage. This additional damage will allow players to defeat the final enemy and complete the challenge.

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What the Player Gets for Completing the Challenge

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Each Challenge Mission in Marvel’s Midnight Suns grants two rewards to players. The first is a new legendary ability card for the hero’s deck. Captain America’s is called Shield Charge and is a very powerful attack for the character. This card will consume all of Cap’s Block and apply it as damage to each enemy in a line. Since the best Captain America decks utilize Block, this is a great finisher to include to cash it in on it.

The second reward that Midnight Suns Challenge Missions give players is the Midnight Sun suit for that hero. Captain America’s Midnight Suns outfit is one of the better ones in the game. It is a total departure from his normal look, swapping red, white, and blue for gold and black coloring and adding runic symbols to his armor and shield. There is also a flame that burns from the center of his shield.


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