Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Wall Crawler Challenge Guide


Marvel’s Midnight Suns offers Challenge Missions with great rewards for each playable hero. This guide will show gamers how to complete Spider-Man’s.

Once players have advanced far enough into Marvel’s Midnight Suns, they will unlock the ability to complete Challenge Missions. There is one challenge mission per playable character, and they offer gamers some terrific rewards for completing them. Unlike normal combat missions, Challenge Missions only involve a single hero, and there are specific restrictions put on players as to what they can do. It is up to the player to figure out how to complete whatever objective the mission gives them with a limited number of turns and ability cards.

Spider-Man’s Wall Crawler Challenge Mission is perfectly designed to show off the character’s strengths. Players will have to take out four enemies with only one attack card and one skill card at their disposal. They must have a good understanding of Spider-Man’s ability to interact with the surrounding environment in order to complete his Challenge Mission. This challenge also requires gamers to have a good idea of how best to sequence their moves to get the most out of a turn.

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What the Wall Crawler Challenge Requires

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Before players can access any of the Challenge Missions in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, they must first unlock the Armory upgrade in the Forge area of the Abbey. To make the upgrade available, players must first complete a level 4 research mission titled “Forged in Hellfire” after bringing Ghost Rider on four combat missions. Once the Armory is available, players must then purchase it using credits that can be found throughout the Abbey or earned through completing missions.

Purchasing the Armory will unlock the ability to complete Challenge Missions, but it won’t actually unlock any of the challenges themselves, other than The Hunter’s. In order to unlock Spider-Man’s Wall Crawler Challenge, players will have to max out their friendship level with him first. By taking Spider-Man with them on combat missions, players can increase their friendship score. This also increases the chances that Spider-Man will be available to hang out, which can increase friendship further. Another way to increase friendship is to bring gifts to any hangout. Good gifts for Spider-Man include Amazing Fantasy #15 and Advanced Photography.

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How to Complete the Wall Crawler Challenge

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Spider-Man’s Wall Crawler Challenge tasks players with defeating three standard enemies and one elite enemy with only one copy of Opportunist and one copy of Special Delivery. Since players aren’t given enough attack cards to finish off their enemies, they’ll have to make good use of environmental attacks. The first thing gamers should do is play Opportunist to give themselves two moves and reduce the cost of environmental attacks. Move to the first object to the left of Spider-Man, then push it into the elite enemy. Make sure it is knocked back into the enemy behind it.

Next, players will have to move to the far left environmental object and again kick it into the elite enemy, knocking it back into another regular one. At this point there will be two enemies left, so use Special Delivery to pull the enemy behind the elite one into it. This will KO the weaker one and give players one last move to use. Use it to move behind the final object and kick it into the remaining enemy to finish it off. Make sure when moving to check the trajectory of each obstacle as there aren’t enough moves to make mistakes.

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What the Player Gets for Completing the Challenge

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All Midnight Suns Challenge Missions grant players two rewards for the hero playing it. They will receive a legendary ability card as well as a Midnight Sun suit. Spider-Man’s ability is called Infernal Spider. It reduces the cost of the next three Spider-Man cards to 0, allowing players to use some of Spidey’s strongest moves along with any other cards they have.

The Midnight Sun suit is a very cool new outfit for Spidey, although it doesn’t grant any passives like The Hunter’s does. Overall, Challenge Missions are worth completing just for the card abilities they grant players. They are also a fun way to better understand how to utilize each hero to their full potential.


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