Me & Roboco’s Heroine Becomes Real-Life AI for Manga’s 1st Anniversary

LINE chat bot launched on Monday

The eponymous robot heroine of Shūhei Miyazaki‘s Me & Roboco gag manga has become a real-life AI to commemorate the manga’s first anniversary.

AI character development company rinna created the chat bot, which recreates Roboco’s quirks, interests, and speaking patterns, for the LINE messaging app. Miyazaki personally assisted with its creation. The account launched on Monday.

Me & Roboco first launched in July last year. It is set in a world where beautiful robot maids called OrderMaids are household staples. An ordinary fifth grader named Bondo Taira is excited to finally purchase an OrderMaid. However, the OM that shows up is different from the catalog. So begins the slapstick gag comedy about the extraordinary-ordinary life of the powerful yet clumsy robot maid Roboco and the compassionate Bondo.

Source: Oricon via OTAQUEST (Jacob Parker-Dalton)

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