October 18, 2021

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Meander Movie Ending Explained: A Claustrophobia Thriller


The sci-fiction movie Meander left fans confused with its perplexing plot and its ending. Many thoughts arose about the main plot of the movie, its characters, and what they actually were after or wanted to achieve. Though critics touted the movie a bad attempt to get into the whole horror/ psychological genre, Meander wasn’t half as bad if the plot is well explained. Meander was a 2020 French film written and as well as directed by Mathieu Turi.

We will deduce the plot for those of you who had a hard time figuring out the plot of the movie. Stay tuned to know why things happened in the movie and how the climax is intended to be perceived.

Before we get started on the main plot, here’s a trailer to help you see what the movie actually is all about.

Meander: Plot

Alright, with the trailer out of our way, let’s head into what the main plot of the movie is all about. The main character, Lisa is a woman who is trapped locked in a chain of bizarre tubes which have dangerous traps. All she wants to do is get out and her daughter. It starts off really well, and the screenplay is enchanting. But the plot weakens with time, and you realize there isn’t much but shock value there. She’s stuck in a maze forever, and she never seems to get out of it, there’s one challenge after the other, and most of the viewers ask themselves what the whole point of the whole movie was, after all.

At the beginning of the movie, Lisa asks for a car lift, and the man who takes her in has a tattoo on his right hand. She speaks to this man about his daughter, who would have celebrated her 9th birthday if she wasn’t dead. She turns on the car radio and hears the news about two people being murdered again. Turns out, the murderer is none other than the man who has given her a life.

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Meander: Ending

When Lisa wakes up, she sees herself in a tunnel of sorts, trying to escape it by overcoming all those dangerous barriers hidden inside it. Now, you may have seen the alien planet on which Lisa lasts in the end and as an escape. But the question in most fan’s minds remains – how did Lisa get there? Let’s rewind back.


Meander debuted at the Sitges Film Festival in 2020.

When Lisa was caught in the blade in the last few scenes of the movie, she crawled into the final of the tunnel and jumped every first 4 seconds. She has lost most blood, she is weak, and she begins to howl loudly. Then her flame tube fills with fire, and the ceiling opens up, the last is the blast of the sky in which she wakes up right outside a blue sky. It feels like she has a race against time and made herself out  safe, Her daughter’s image appears before her, who tells her she must “live.” Suddenly she finds newfound respect for life and decides to live her life to the fullest. She knows she is safe now, she knows her daughter can never be with her, but she keeps going on. Nina also tells her that her body passed away many times, and each time she died, she was reborn again. Lisa in the end, asks Nina what she should do, who tells us that she must live and live. The last shot, as we explain is the camera panning towards the beautiful blue planet and shows the beauty of the surroundings.

Meander: Cast

There’s isn’t much of a cast here because of the main plot of the movie, but the actress Gaia Weiss plays Lisa in the movie, and Peter Franzén plays Adam.

Meander: Where Can I Watch It?

Is Meander available on Netflix? Absolutely, yes. You may also order it on VOD and tune into flix to watch it! Though it debuted at the Sitges Film Festival in 2020, it was released internationally in limited theatres.

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