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METEOR, Who Played Yano in the Anime

METEOR, who played Yano in the anime “Odd Taxi,” releases “2019” from SUMMIT!
On July 14, “My Name is… feat. PUNPEE“will be released on various distribution services!

P.I.C.S.×OLM‘s animation work “Odd Taxi,” for which three SUMMIT, Inc. artists, PUNPEE, VaVa, and OMSB, were in
charge of the musical accompaniment.
METEOR, who has been active as a rapper since the early 2000’s, has released many of his own works and has
participated in many guest appearances in “Odd Taxi“. In “Odd Taxi,” METEOR gives a passionate performance as
Yano, a charming character who appears as a gangster.
This EP titled “2019” is both a work of METEOR and a work of art for the character of Yano, and it also brings out his

OMSB and VaVa, who have been close friends with METEOR for a long time, participated as track makers.
The jacket artwork, reminiscent of a scene from the film, was created by Mugi Kinoshita, the director and character
designer of “Odd Taxi“. The design work was done by Toshiaki Uesugi, who also created the title logo for “Odd Taxi“.

Anime ‘Odd Taxi‘ official website:

Title : 2019
Track : 5 Songs
Part Number:SMMT-167
Label:SUMMIT, Inc.
Distribution Date
7/21 (Wed) 0:00 (JST): EP “2019” will be available on all distribution services.

Track information: 1.
1. My name is… feat. PUNPEE
 Produced by PUNPEE

2. Killing Joke
 Produced by OMSB
 Lyrics by METEOR

 Produced by PUNPEE
 DOBU Starring by Kenji Hamada
Scripted by METEOR, PUNPEE

4. Bro. DOBU
 Produced by VaVa
 Lyrics by METEOR

5. Ya Know!? (MEGA MIX)
 Produced by PUNPEE, OMSB
 Lyrics by Kazuya Konomoto

Credit :
Produced by PUNPEE, OMSB
Produced by PUNPEE
All Recorded by PUNPEE @ Itabashi Recording Club
Mixed by The Anticipation Illicit Tsuboi @ RDS Toritsudai
Mastered by Rick Essig @ REM Sound NYC
Cover Artwork by Mugi Kinoshita
Design by Toshiaki Uesugi
M-3 : Additional Voice by Kenji Hamada
M-3, M-5 : Original Scripted by Kazuya Konomoto
Character Licensed by PONY CANYON INC.
Project Support by P.I.C.S. Co., Ltd.
A&R : Takeya “takeyan” Masuda (SUMMIT, Inc.)
A&R : Takeya “takeyan” Masuda (SUMMIT, Inc.)
℗© 2021 SUMMIT, Inc.

●METEOR Profile

Born in August 1981. Rapper from Chiba Prefecture.
In 2021, METOR was chosen to play the role of Yano in the TV anime “Odd Taxi” through a relationship with the label
“SUMMIT”, with which he has been close for some time.

Representative work: 4800 Days Later (from the album DIAMOND)
Units: METEOR&CHIN-HURTZ, Blue Fruit
Secret Society MMR (METEOR, Marusei, DJ RIND),
THREE PINES (METEOR, 4WD President) *All Songs Streaming Services

METEOR Official Twitter:
METEOR Official Instagram:
METEOR Streaming Srvices:
SUMMIT, Inc. Official YouTube:

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