MHA Villains With Unique Quirks

MHA Villains With Unique Quirks

It’s now rare for anyone in My Hero Academia‘s universe to be born without a Quirk. Several Quirks are powerful and useful, giving birth to Pro Heroes many characters look up to. Some of these Quirks are strange and interesting like explosive sweat, elbows that dispense tape, and a navel laser. However, not all Quirk users use their powers for good.

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Some people, for one reason or another, turned away from the rest of society and the typical hero-worship culture. These evil individuals have various odd Quirks as well. Many villains don’t fit in with “normal” society, and a lot of the time their Quirks reflect that as well.

Updated on May 9th, 2023 by Xandalee Joseph: My Hero Academia features some of the rarest abilities in anime. Heroes and villains alike have unique powers that fascinate and excite fans. And though viewers love to see the heroes showcase their best moves, the villains often take the spotlight with their special abilities. MHA has entered its final arc, and several Quirks have evovled since the show’s beginning.



10 Gentle Criminal

Quirk: Elasticity

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Gentle Criminal is a default villain who chose a life of crime because he couldn’t make it as a hero. Feeling dejected and alone, Gentle Criminal began uploading his petty crimes online in order to force the public to recognize him. Unfortunately, his schemes are as strange as his Quirk, Elasticity. This unique ability allows Gentle to make anything he touches, including air, elastic.

No other villain, or MHA character for that matter, has displayed a similar ability. As seen in his fight with Deku, Gentle uses his Quirk wisely and almost overpowers the young hero in training. Though most fans view Gentle Criminal as a joke, his one-of-a-kind Quirk can create bendable air, not many villains can say the same.

9 Kurogiri

Quirk: Warp Gate

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Kurogiri is a High-End Nomu born from one of Dr. Kyudai Garaki’s many experiments. He was once Oboro Shirakumo, a Pro Hero in training at U.A. High. Oboro tragically died during his work-study program and Dr. Garaki despicably used his corpse to reanimate his Quirk and create Kurogiri.

Kurogiri’s Warp Gate Quirk allows him to dispense a dark fog that transports anything it comes in contact with. Kurogiri is in complete control of this odd dense matter. He can not only provide multiple portals, but he can also create different exit routes.

8 Twice

Quirk: Double

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Twice not only had the ability to create clones of himself, but he could create doubles of anything. He needed a precise image in his head, including measurements in order for it to work – the more information the better. He kept measuring tape in his wristbands to create an accurate replica, but once he did his doubles were virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

The downsides to his Quirk are the doubles had a certain level of autonomy and often argued amongst themselves, they also weren’t very durable and melted away after they received a certain amount of damage. Still, Twice’s Quirk was pretty spectacular. What really set this Quirk apart was it could’ve essentially made Twice a one-man army, as seen with his Sad Man Parade. If he wasn’t stopped by Hawks, Twice could’ve single handledly demolished the heroes during the Paranormal Liberation War.

7 Shigaraki Tomura

Quirk: Decay

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Shigaraki is the leader of the League of Villains and the vile All For One’s protege. Shigaraki’s main goal is to destroy everything and remake society according to his sense of justice. Considering his nefarious goals, his Decay Quirk couldn’t be more fitting. When using Decay, Shigaraki can disintegrate anything he wishes.

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Since his awakening, Shigaraki doesn’t need to touch his target – a terrifying upgrade that claimed many lived during the Paranormal Liberation Front War. Decay’s destructibility is unparalleled. If it weren’t for Eraser Head’s Erasure Quirk, Shigaraki would be virtually unstoppable.

6 Chisaki Kai

Quirk: Overhaul

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Chisaki Kai, more commonly known as Overhaul, has a Quirk that is similar to Shigaraki’s, except Overhaul can reassemble as well as disassemble anything he touches. Overhaul contains an incomparably overpowered Quirk. His Quirk allows him to heal individuals, kill people and quickly bring them back to life, break down objects or people and reconfigure them however he likes, and merge with other people which grants him the ability to use other Quirks.

His Quirk is ridiculously powerful, essentially giving him complete control of his surroundings and allowing him to shape battlefields to his advantage. Overhaul’s abilities were unprecedented, and in the end his ego and arrogance were his own downfall.

5 Toga

Quirk: Transform

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With Transform, Toga can assume anyone’s identity after she ingests their blood. The amount of blood she consumes determines how long she can remain “transformed.” Toga’s vampiric nature is understandably offputting to most. Though consuming blood is necessary for her Quirk to activate, Toga gets a sick pleasure out of hurting others and watching them bleed – she disturbingly enters a euphoric state when drinking blood.

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During her battle with Curious, Toga awakened her Quirk. She can now not only transform into other people, but she can use their Quirks as well. Toga is now a frieghteningly peculiar villain that will certainly give the heroes a difficult time in the final arc.

4 Stain

Quirk: Bloodcurdle

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The Hero Killer: Stain is one of the most dangerous villains to rise since All Might’s emergence onto the hero scene. He’s killed or permanently wounded over 30 Pro Heroes through his intense martial arts prowess, bloodlust, and clever use of his Quirk. Bloodcurdle allows Stain to immobilize an enemy after ingesting a sample of their blood for up to 8 minutes.

However, the duration of this immobilization is dependent on the individual’s blood type. Bloodtype O is affected the least, while anyone with Bloodtype B would be immobilized for the full 8 minutes. Stain’s unwavering beliefs and need to purge hero society of fake heroes coupled with his unique Quirk have made him a horrifyingly formidable foe.

3 Mange

Quirk: Magnetism

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Mange was formerly a part of the League of Villains until her swift death at Overhaul’s hands. Her Quirk Magnetism allowed her to magnetize other people as long as they were within a 4.5-meter radius. She was able to magnetize a person’s entire body or just certain parts and use it to partially control the person’s movement.

Magnetism varied based on the person’s sex: men were polarized south and women were polarized north. Mange also carried around a large magnet to forcibly pull her targets towards her when they were further away. She could also repel people, causing them to fly away at extreme speeds.

2 Atsuhiro Sako

Quirk: Compress

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Mr. Compress has a very specific Quirk that allows him to compress anything within a certain range into a small, lightweight marble. The Quirk is ideal for theft or kidnapping, as it renders the target powerless and easy to conceal and transport.

Mr. Compress can even compress only a small part of a target’s body, leaving the rest untouched, thereby brutally mutilating them. He can release all his marbles by snapping his fingers, like a magic trick.

1 Shigaraki

Quirk: All For One

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All For One is arguably the rarest and most powerful Quirk possessed by any villain in My Hero Academia. This Quirk so thoroughly defines its bearer that he’s taken it as his name. All For One’s Quirk lets him steal Quirks from other people and use them as though they were his own. He can even distribute them among other individuals and rudely hands them out like gifts.

All For One can also forcibly activate the Quirks of others. This is the origin of the Quirk One For All. It was created when All For One gave a power stockpiling Quirk to his younger brother. All For One is a seemingly all powerful Quirk that can only be defeated by the Quirk it created, One For All.

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