Michelle Yeoh Suggests an Everything Everywhere All at Once Spinoff, Not Sequel

Michelle Yeoh's Evelyn Wang phasing in Everything Everywhere All at Once.

Michelle Yeoh shoots down rumors of an Everything Everywhere All at Once sequel, but suggests a follow-up film should be a spinoff instead.

While Michelle Yeoh doesn’t seem keen on the idea of an Everything Everywhere All at Once sequel, the star shared a surprising suggestion for a spinoff.

Yeoh was recently asked a question about the possibility of Everything Everywhere All at Once 2 during a red carpet interview with Variety at the BAFTA Tea Party in Beverly Hills. The star was asked a question — an obvious one, given the first film’s awards season accolades — if there are plans for a followup, to which she simply replied, “No.” When asked if she personally would like to see a sequel, Yeoh emphatically answered, “No.” However, this time she playfully (perhaps jokingly) added, “Maybe a spinoff.”

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When pressed regarding what the spinoff would be about, Yeoh added, “I don’t know. I want a universe where I’m a rock star.” she elaborated, “If I have to come back as someone who has this amazing voice, you know… That’s what our world lacks so much right now, is peace and love, and I find with songs… It’s so easy, much easier to reach out to someone.”

Will Everything Everywhere All at Once Get a Sequel?

Yeoh’s comments echo statements made in July 2022 by directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert. In response to rumors that the duo were developing a follow-up to Everything Everywhere All at Once that would revolve around “parents ‘radicalized’ by social media,” Kwan and Scheinert pointedly noted that said reports were “not true at all.” They also stated, “Don’t even remember making this joke. Must have been back in March when the idea of a sequel was especially comically far-fetched to us.”

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Everything Everywhere All at Once released back in March 2022 to rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. The film stars Yeoh as Evelyn Wang, an otherwise ordinary woman who is accosted by an interdimensional variant of her own daughter, one who threatens nearly every reality in existence. While Yeoh portrayed multiple versions of herself, the universe-bending film also starred Stephanie Hsu as various iterations of Evelyn’s daughter, Joy, including the villainous Jobu Tupaki.

Yeoh, who’s coming off a starring role in the Netflix spinoff series The Witcher: Blood Origin, has become one of the busiest working actors in the industry. Even if the star was interested in fostering an Everything Everywhere All at Once sequel, she’d be constrained by a packed schedule. Among the many projects on her CV, Yeoh will co-star in the 2023 Disney+ live-action graphic novel adaptation series American Born Chinese, appear in the 2024-scheduled third entry in the Avatar film franchise and potentially star in the long-developing Star Trek Section 31 spinoff series.

Source: Variety via Twitter


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