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Home » Michi Ichiho’s ‘Maо̄ no Kikan’ Short Story Gets Manga Mini-Series

Michi Ichiho’s ‘Maо̄ no Kikan’ Short Story Gets Manga Mini-Series

Michi Ichiho's 'Maо̄ no Kikan' Short Story Gets Manga Mini-Series

Nori Arashiyama launches manga on April 24

The official Twitter account for Kodansha‘s Afternoon magazine announced last Tuesday that Nori Arashiyama will launch a manga mini-series about a family based on the short story “Maо̄ no Kikan” (Return of the Demon King) by Michi Ichiho‘s (Yes, No, or Maybe?) from the book Small Worlds on April 24.

Ichiho launched the Yes, No, or Maybe? (Yes ka No ka Hanbun ka) boys-love light novel series with illustrations by Takemiya in November 2014, and Shinshokan published the series’ third volume in 2016. The series’ first “OFF AIR” spinoff volume debuted in August 2017, and the second debuted in October 2019. Seven Seas licensed the light novel series, and it released the first volume in English on November 3.

The novel series inspired an anime that premiered in screenings around Japan as part of the BL FES!!-Boys Love Festival!!- on December 11.

Source: Afternoon‘s Twitter account

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