Miles Morales’ 18 Most Iconic Villains, Ranked

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Before the release of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, Miles Morales was an unknown commodity to the general Marvel fans, although the comic-book reading fans knew a lot about him. His recent introduction in 2011 meant he hadn’t yet racked up as many supervillains as his predecessor.

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Dr. Conrad Marcus used Peter Parker’s blood in a bid to recreate the original Spider-Man. After one of the spiders created by Dr. Marcus bit him, Morales received his superhuman abilities. Since then, Miles set out to use his powers to defend New York City, dealing with new threats every day in both the Ultimate and mainstream 616 universes.

Updated on January 20, 2023 by Scoot Allan: When Miles Morales took over as Spider-Man in the Ultimate universe, fans were hesitant but quickly fell in love with the new hero. He was the star of the hit Miles Morales: Spider-Man video game which brought some of the characters’ enemies to a new medium for the first time. He’s faced off with quite a few iconic characters in video games, comics, and on the big screen in the highly-anticipated sequel, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

18 Ultimate Scorpion Was One Of His First New Threats

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When Miles Morales first debuted as the new Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe, he initially encountered a few of his predecessor’s threats. However, one of the first big supervillains that Miles encountered first was the Ultimate’s version of Mac Gargan/Scorpion.

No longer a thug in a high-powered animal suit, Ultimate Scorpion was a powerful gang lord who used a chain with a hook instead of a robotic tail. He planned to become the new Kingpin of Crime, but Miles Morales took him down in an early victory for the new hero.

17 Ultimate Crossbones Was A Deadly Hired Hitman

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Crossbones is an incredible marksman, even in the Ultimate universe. The kind of firepower he possessed was scary. He made it his objective to end Spider-Man for good and his relentless nature wasn’t helping Miles’ case whatsoever. It got to a point where Spider-Man had to admit he couldn’t face Crossbones alone.

Miles eventually asked the help of the All-New Ultimates heroes like Cloak & Dagger and Kitty Pryde to help stop the Marvel supervillain. The All-New Ultimates still struggled to take down the relentless marksman, showcasing Crossbones’ various combat skills as one of Marvel’s most unlikable villains.

16 Kingpin Became His Enemy While Behind Bars

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Wilson Fisk was one of the first enemies players took down in Marvel’s Spider-Man, though he made his return in the Miles Morales: Spider-Man spinoff game as well. When Miles Morales moved to Harlem in the game, he uncovered a mysterious criminal’s attempt to take over areas of his new neighborhood.

After investigating a few more attempts at taking over Harlem, Miles Morales discovered that Kingpin was secretly orchestrating his crew from behind bars. Morales shut Kingpin’s forces down and took out his communication systems to end his reign from prison. Kingpin isn’t the type to forget, which means Morales made a very deadly new enemy in the video game continuity.

15 Hammerhead Put His Friend Bombshell In The Hospital

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Hammerhead is nothing more than a gangster. He’s done some horrible things in his life, like murdering the girl he liked. These kinds of things are always noticed by the underworld and as a result, Hammerhead moves up the ranks.

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Eventually, this Marvel supervillain put Miles’ friend Bombshell in the hospital, and Miles attempted to get some revenge. As soon as the battle started, Spider-Man recognized the raw strength Hammerhead possessed and prayed his bones wouldn’t break. However, Miles was able to overpower the gangster, creating a lifelong enemy.

14 Morales And Peter Parker Teamed Up To Stop Mysterio

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A new version of Mysterio began to threaten the Ultimate Universe and caused problems for Miles Morales in his new role as Spider-Man. However, he soon learned this version of Quentin Beck was actually from the 616 universe, and he was using advanced technology to operate his Mysterio avatar in the Ultimate Universe.

This brought Miles and Peter together for the first time as they dismantled Mysterio’s operation and destroyed his tech before it destroyed both universes. The two enemies faced off a couple of times after Miles Morales migrated to the 616 reality as well.

13 Madame Swarm Was After Multiversal Spider-Totems

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Madame Swarm was horrific to look at due to the mutations she had gone through after coming in contact with an arcane spider totem. Before converting into this deadly insect-like creature, Madame Swarm was a Nazi agent named Sturm who worked for Adolf Hitler.

As a result, Madame Swarm has an unparalleled lust for power. Furthermore, she knows how to cause destruction at the highest level. Even with the help of Spider-Man Noir, Miles Morales fought cautiously against the living swarm of Nazi bees.

12 Roxxon’s Simon Krieger Wanted Morales’ Powers

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While the Miles Morales: Spider-Man video game faced some criticism for a lack of villains, there were still a few who stood out to fans. The spin-off video game followed Morales as he stepped out as Spider-Man on his own for the first time. He quickly uncovered the shadier qualities of a company like Roxxon, especially when controlled by someone like Simon Krieger.

Simon Krieger was a corrupt scientist and businessman who would stop at nothing to achieve his goals. He killed Rick Mason and stole his deadly Nuform technology, and he tried to capture Miles Morales so he could reverse-engineer his spider powers. Thankfully, Morales was able to stop Krieger before he became a test subject or Harlem was destroyed by Nuform,

11 Miles Morales Fought Rhino Before They Teamed Up

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Rhino might not have superpowers worth coveting, but he has a physique capable of destroying any superhuman. His speed, agility, and endurance are next to none. Add to that his ability to punch someone very hard in the face and there’s a supervillain who can inflict damage on Spider-Man.

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Miles and Rhino actually teamed up with each other against Tombstone, but they eventually had a face-off. If Miles ever wanted to know whether his stamina was up to the mark or not, he just had to fight Rhino again.

10 Hobgoblin Was Hired To Take Out Miles Morales

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There have been a few different versions of Hobgoblin over the years, but it was the original named Roderick Kingsley who ended up facing off with Miles Morales. Hobgoblin gained his incredible strength due to a modified version of the Goblin formula which made him even stronger than the Green Goblin.

Miles took on this baddie when Aaron Davis/Iron Spider recruited Hobgoblin to take out Spider-Man for good. Hobgoblin joined Iron Spider’s Sinister Six, but he eventually turned on the team when he lost his ability to make a profit during the battle.

9 Sandman Was A Member Of Iron Spider’s Sinister Six

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Sandman is a supervillain whose reputation precedes him. He’s one of the original Spider-Man’s most iconic villains who can manipulate size, shape, matter, sand, and density however he wants. The obscene sizes he can shape himself in make him a daunting presence in Spider-Man’s life.

Miles faced Sandman when the villain joined Iron Spider’s version of the Sinister Six, and they tried to hijack an old S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. Beating someone like Sandman isn’t easy, and it doesn’t help when he has cover from other supervillains. Thankfully, Sandman eventually turned on Iron Spider’s Sinister Six.

8 Taskmaster Is A Master Combatant And Mercenary

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Taskmaster is an incredible hand-to-hand combatant due to a photographic memory that enables him to mimic any move his enemies try to employ against him. This has made him a martial arts expert as well as a weapons master.

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Taskmaster has been hired on more than one occasion to bring down either Miles Morales or Peter Parker, engaging both heroes in the battle. Taskmaster is later targeted when he works alongside Cardinal, which makes Taskmaster one of Miles Morales’ greatest recurring threats.

7 Phin Mason Became The Tinkerer To Stop Roxxon

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The Miles Morales: Spider-Man spinoff video game introduced a new take on one of Spider-Man’s oldest villains, the Tinkerer. Insomniac Games reimagined the character as a childhood friend of Miles Morales named Phin Mason. When Roxxon killed her brother Rick, she decided to use her technical genius to stop the evil corporation.

As the Tinkerer, Phin Mason created powerful weaponry using programmable matter to give herself defensive and offensive capabilities. She also shared her tech with a criminal group known as the Underground who gave Miles Morales a run for his money. While Morales and Tinkerer eventually teamed up to stop Roxxon, Phin’s personal connection to Miles initially made her a threat.

6 Miles’ Uncle Was Prowler Before He Became Iron Spider

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Prowler is a well-known villain of Miles Morales due to his appearance in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. The man behind the purple suit in the Ultimate universe was Aaron Davis, Miles Morales’ uncle.

Prowler didn’t have any superpowers of his own, but he used military-grade weapons and incredible technological advancements. When he arrived in the mainstream 616 reality, Aaron Davis bought a new advanced suit and briefly became the Iron Spider. However, he eventually returned to the role of the Prowler, sporting a powerful new costume as he attempted to reform.

5 Dr. Conrad Marcus Bonded With The Venom Symbiote

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The Venom symbiote in the Ultimate Universe is different than the one which bonded with Eddie Brock in the 616 universe. Instead, an experiment that went horribly wrong led to the symbiote’s creation. Miles first encountered the symbiote after it bonded with the evil doctor, Conrad Marcus.

Marcus’ role in the creation of the genetically-engineered spiders that gave Miles his powers was almost exposed. So Dr. Marcus used the Venom symbiote to take out the new Spider-Man and erase the evidence against him. Their climactic battle resulted in the death of Miles’ mother Rio Morales, however, she returned to life after moving to the 616 reality in Secret Wars.

4 The Assessor Kidnapped And Cloned Morales

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A powerful artificial intelligence known as the Assessor chose to study Miles Morales for his own twisted experiments. After he used the Space Stone-powered Quantum to kidnap Miles, he extracted the young hero’s DNA. This allowed him to create three different clones during Miles Morales’s own Clone Saga.

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A clone named Selim manipulated his fellow clones Shift and Mindspinner to help ruin Miles Morales’ life before they ultimately turned against him. The Assessor disappeared after creating the clones, likely waiting to threaten Miles once again.

3 Morales Was Taken Over By One Of Carnage’s Symbiotes

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During the Absolute Carnage event, a Knull-enhanced Carnage unleashed an army of symbiotes that he used to possess other heroes and villains and increase his army. Miles Morales was one of the first heroes who was forced to become a host for the Carnage symbiote.

Miles Morales fell under Carnage’s control during a battle with Venom and the Scorpion. Miles Morales was able to retake control of the symbiote and used it in a final battle against Dark Carnage. Miles Morales was essential in helping Eddie Brock rebond with the Venom symbiote so he could take down Dark Carnage.

2 Ultimate Doctor Doom Was Working With Hydra

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If there’s anyone who can end Miles Morales in a jiffy, it’s the quote-filled Doctor Doom, whose intimidating stature is never overemphasized. Ultimate Doctor Doom gained a whole host of incredible powers and abilities after exposure to the same dimension which gave the Fantastic Four their powers.

Miles faced off against the Ultimate Doctor Doom, who was scheming something huge with the help of Hydra. He required the help of the All-New Ultimates to stop Doctor Doom’s genius plan. Thankfully, Miles was able to deliver a powerful punch to the armored villain which took Doom out of the fight.

1 Morales’ 616 Counterpart Is The Villain Ultimatum

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When Peter Parker returned to his original reality after meeting Miles Morales, he researched his new ally’s counterpart in his reality. He discovered that the 616 version of Miles Morales was a hardened criminal with a close connection to Wilson Fisk/Kingpin. However, after the death of Morales’ love, he visited the Ultimate universe to find a multiversal version of her.

Peter Parker and the Ultimate Miles Morales stopped his older counterpart’s plans. However, he eventually returned as a villain named Ultimatum, wearing gear stolen from some of the most powerful members of the Ultimates. This made him one of the young Spider-Man’s most dangerous, powerful, and personal enemies.

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