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Marvel Midnight Suns Hulk

The Incredible Hulk’s rage-fueled challenge is unlike any other in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Here’s how players can beat it on the first try.

Since its release, Marvel’s Midnight Suns has been met with praise. The card-based game is populated with fan-favorite characters such as Captain America and Bruce Banner, who’s better known as the Incredible Hulk. As he’s in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the comics, Hulk is a heavy hitter in Marvel’s Midnight Suns and a character that fans coming into the game are sure to enjoy.

In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, players can undergo unique challenges for every character, with each challenge being catered to their specific abilities. These challenges are difficult but rewarding, as they provide winners with a unique suit and card. However, players should be careful — these challenges include battles that go beyond what the rest of the combat in the game consists of, including redraws, modifiers, and turns.

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What the Monster or Man? Challenge Requires

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Before attempting the challenge, players must meet a few requirements. First, players should complete the research project “Forged in Hellfire” and build the Armory, which costs 175 credits. The completion of the Armory unlocks the ability to partake in hero challenges. Then, players must max out their friendship level with Hulk by engaging in activities and going on missions.

For the “Monster or Man?” challenge, Hulk’s goal is not to defeat a certain number of enemies, setting his challenge apart from the others. Hulk’s goal is instead to max out his rage meter. Since many of his cards consume rage, the exception being Smash, this is incredibly difficult to do. However, by carefully strategizing and playing cards in a specific order, players can easily beat the challenge.

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How To Complete the Monster or Man? Challenge

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns is full of puzzles and challenges, and each has a unique solution. Such is the case with the Monster or Man? challenge. Players should start by using Gamma kick to send opponent four into the wall and then stun it with Smash. Opponent four can then be finished off with Crush. Defeating opponent four will earn players a Rampage card with a chain of three. Players should use this to hit targets one, two, and three, taunting them.

With opponent four out of the way, players should set their sights on opponent five. By knocking it into the wall with Gamma Kick, it will become taunted like the other targets, which works in the player’s favor. Players should take advantage of their taunted state by using Let’s Do It, which forces all taunted enemies to attack and ultimately give Hulk the rage he needs to work toward filling his meter.

Next, players should use Smash on opponent one, which will grant Hulk the final rage that he needs to fill the rage meter. This will give Hulk the Worldbreaker card that ends the challenge.

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What the Player Gets for Completing the Challenge

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There are two key rewards for completing the Monster or Man? challenge. The first is the legendary black and gold Midnight Sun suit, which is unique for each character. Players can either unlock each suit by doing the individual character challenges or wait until all the suits are unlocked at once for the game’s final story mission.

The second reward for completing the Monster or Man? challenge is the heroic Worldbreaker card. This card costs six Heroism to play. It causes damage and forceful knockback to every enemy Hulk is facing at the time of use, making it incredibly useful in battle. It also does 150% Offense damage. Worldbreaker can be upgraded to Worldbreaker+ with two duplicates of the base card and Heroic Essence. In addition to the normal effect of Worldbreaker, Worldbreaker+ also gives Hulk +1 rage for each KO.


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