Moon Knight Episode Schedule: How Many Episodes Are There In The New Marvel Show?

How Many Episodes Are There In Moon Knight?
From Moon Knight

Moon Knight for the past month has proved to be one of the most successful outings from Marvel and Disney+. Certainly, the show is one of a kind and quite distinct from the other superhero stories. The creators did their job as well by telling the story with a different approach leaving fans wanting for more. As five episodes are out and the story is finally coming to a close, here is a look at the episode schedule and how many episodes were there for the first season run of Moon Knight.

So here we will break down the release history of Moon Knight. With that, we will also take a quick look at each and every released episode so far. From Steven coming to know that he has an alternate identity in Episode 1 to him meeting Marc, Khonshu, Layla, and his superhero forms of Moon Knight and Mr. Knight in Episode 2 to finding himself trapped in the afterlife with Marc in Episode 4. Here is a complete look at the episode schedule of Moon Knight.

Moon Knight Episode Schedule – How Many Episodes Are There?

Moon Knight consists of a total of six episodes for the first season. Therefore, the sixth episode, which will release on 4 May 2022, will mark the end of the show’s first season for now. Unless Disney+ and Marvel have plans to continue the story with a second consecutive show.

Moon Knight Episode CountMoon Knight Episode Count
From Moon Knight’s Official Clip ‘Skills’

Disney+ released the first episode of Moon Knight on 30 March 2022. Since then, new episodes have been released every Wednesday at around 3 pm ET. Check out the release date and quick recaps for each episode in the schedule for Moon Knight mentioned below.

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Moon Knight Episode 1: The Goldfish Problem – 30 March 2022

The very first episode of Moon Knight introduced us to Steven Grant, a museum employee who has started suffering from blackouts. These blackouts took him to a foreign country unknowingly where he had a scarab in his possession. For the same Scarab, a cult led by a man named Harrow is hunting him down while a voice Steven hears stops him from surrendering it.

The second episode of Moon Knight sees Steven Grant investigating the second persona of his that replaces him during his blackouts. This leads him to meet Marc, who is his alternate persona, but this all freaks Steven out.

The episode sees him crossing paths with Harrow and also learning about the Egyptian god Khonshu and Marc being his avatar. Eventually, Marc and Steven come to reconciliation, but Harrow manages to steal the Scarab and is out there looking for the tomb of Ammit.

The third episode of Moon Knight sees Marc in Egypt, hoping to hunt down Harrow. When they find themselves stumbled, Khonshu calls upon the gods to decide their next move. Harrow presents himself at the council and ends up turning the game on Khonshu. When gods were not able to help them, Khonshu sacrifices himself by turning the night to the time when stars were aligned according to a map that leads Marc and his wife Layla to the Tomb of Ammit.

Moon Knight Episode 4 sees Marc and Layla catching up with Harrow, who was going to release Ammit. Marc and Steven manage to find Ushabti of Ammit from the tomb of Alexander The Great, the voice of Ammit. But eventually, Marc is surrounded by Harrow’s men and is shot dead. Next, Marc finds himself in a psychiatric ward, where he reunites with Steven and meets the Egyptian Goddess Tawaret.

Recap Of Moon Knight So FarRecap Of Moon Knight So Far
From Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 4 Featuring Marc and Steve

The fifth episode sees Marc and Steven sailing to A’aru, the field of reeds. In order to complete their journey, they have to come true with each other. If they fail to do so and their hearts won’t balance, and they will be thrown overboard from the ship of Tawaret.

The episode ends up revealing Marc’s dark past and the origins of Steven and Moon Knight. Eventually, Marc and Steven manage to balance their hearts and reach A’aru, but they had to make a sacrifice in order to do so.

The sixth and final episode of Moon Knight may see Marc on his own in the afterlife at A’aru. In the upper world, Harrow is wreaking havoc, and Layla alone might be fighting him. Marc needs to get back to the world in order to stop Harrow, but it seems like he may have to convince Osiris to bring him back to life, while Layla might try to free Khonshu, who may reclaim Marc as his avatar.

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