Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review: Exploring The World Of Egyptian Gods

Breaking Down Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 3
From Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 3 Featuring Marc’s Moon Knight

Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 3 takes a huge jump from where we were the last time around in the show. Previously Steven was still trying to understand his alternate personality, that is, Marc. Amidst all of this, Harrow played his games by bringing Steven in. The dangers that were coming at him made Steven give full control to Marc, and we saw Moon Knight coming in full force. However, Harrow had the Scarab and was one step ahead of Marc.

So Marc had a lot to catch up on, and that landed him in Egypt at the end of Moon Knight’s Episode 2. Now the third Episode sees Marc taking over from Steven as he hunts Harrow down. From understanding the world of gods to exploring Marc and Khonshu’s complicated relationships. Also, the possibility of another personality of Marc lingering in the back. Here is a look at what went down in Moon Knight Episode 3 and our thoughts about the same.

Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 3 takes a jump to Egypt, where Marc continues to search for Harrow and the tomb of Ammit. Hoping he will reach the tomb before Harrow does. He tried talking to some of the contacts in Egypt, only to kill them later on. It’s not Marc who killed them, nor Steven. Whoever did it remains a mystery for them. Marc and Khonshu find them at the end of the line, and this leads the latter to call the gods to talk. The last time Khonshu had talked to them, he was banished.

What Went Down In Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 3 ?What Went Down In Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 3 ?
From Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 3 Featuring Marc and Harrow

The meeting takes place inside the Great Pyramid Of Giza. Gods from around the world came inside through various portals. Khonshu accused Harrow of trying to find Ammit to set her free. Harrow, on the other hand, ends up denying the claims and turns the game on Khonshu. Harrow speaks of Marc’s multiple personality disorder and claims he is insane.

The gods didn’t believe in Khonshu except for one. Yatzil, the avatar of Hathor. She guided Marc to find Senfu’s Sarcophagus, which could lead him to Ammit’s tomb. Layla joined Marc. She flew her way to Egypt. After spending some heart-to-heart time together, Layla brought Marc to Mogart, whose collection is quite a gossip for people who deal in antiquities.

Our Thoughts On Moon Knight Episode 3Our Thoughts On Moon Knight Episode 3
From Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 3 Featuring Steven’s Moon Knight and Khonshu

They did come across Senfu’s Sarcophagus. Marc tried to talk to Steven to figure out what he was looking at. Before they could do that, Mogart took charge, and soon Harrow arrived as well. Harrow comes to reveal a number of secrets Marc is hiding from Layla. A battle ensued, but in the end, Marc and Layla managed to grab hands on the piece of a cloth that resembles a constellation from the Sarcophagus.

Once Steven managed to piece them together, they had a constellation that could lead them to Ammit’s tomb. Khonshu sacrificed himself by temporarily reverting the sky to the night constellations were in those positions. This helped them to locate Ammit’s tomb but, in turn, led the gods to trap Khonshu inside a funerary figurine.

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Moon Knight S01E03 Review

Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 3 is where the audience may come to understand the world Marvel is introducing them too. As the show shifts from the UK to Egypt, we got a full-fledged Marc in the lead, with the character of Steven and his humor taking a backseat. Okay, not completely, but occasionally he got more screen time than Steven.

On top of that, the show continues to drop hints at one more personality of Marc that we haven’t seen on the screen yet. The taxi driver from the comics is named Jake Lockley. The character’s specialty was collecting information from the streets, and we saw Marc doing the same in one of the scenes wearing a cap, much like how Jake does in comics. So there is a chance that was Jake we were looking at, not Marc.

Ending Of Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 3Ending Of Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 3
From Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 3 Featuring Marc’s Moon Knight, Layla, and Khonshu

Another scene that nodded towards Jake was probably the action scene. The fights were impressive, but the first one was kept grounded to Marvel’s PG-13 rating. Until a shift in personalities see a brutal scene where Marc had stabbed one of the informants, both Marc and Steve had denied doing it, and it seems like Jake was doing this all along.

Apart from all of this, Episode 3 answered a number of questions about the gods. We had a peek into their world and how things work here. Furthermore, we also found out why Khonshu is the way he is with the gods. The reason he was banished in the first place. The coming episodes may continue to explore this new world. We may see Marc and Layla seeking Ammit’s tomb and soon rescue Khonshu as well.

Apart from Khonshu’s relationship with the gods, the Episode also took a dip into Marc and Layla’s relationship. While the first half of the Episode was pretty much grounded, by the end of the show, Marvel came to show the stunning visuals it’s known for. The moment Khonshu reverts the sky to the night, constellations are aligned according to the way they are described on the cloth is one of a kind scenario to look at.

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