Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 5 Review & Recap: Marc Reaches A’aru

Breaking Down Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 5
From Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 5 Featuring Marc

Episode 5 for Moon Knight finally gives all the answers fans have been looking for since the show began. Here’s the Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 5 Review basing it on the main storyline and visuals for this particular episode. The last time around in episode 4, the show had found itself in two completely different worlds. The first half of the episode saw Marc and Layla continuing their quest to stop Harrow as they try to reach Ammit’s tomb first. Until Marc got shot and found himself in a psychiatric ward where he soon met Tawaret.

After leaving us at such a point where we had questions thrown at our faces, Episode 5 had it all figured out. It not only continued the story of where Marc and Steven are but also gave us much-needed insight into Marc’s story. Thus answering how Steven came to be and how Marc became Khonshu’s avatar in the form of Moon Knight. So let’s break down the fifth episode of Moon Knight and figure out what the episode tells us.

Moon Knight S01 E05 Recap

Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 5 opens up with a session of Marc with Dr. Harrow that doesn’t end well. Cut to where we left off the last time with Marc and Steven meeting Tawaret. She reveals to them that they are in Duat, the realm of the Egyptian Underworld. Marc recognizes her and reveals that Tawaret will guide them on their journey to Afterlife.

Marc and Steven were on a ship sailing to A’aru, the field of reeds but they will only reach there and spend life in paradise if their hearts are balanced. If they don’t balance they will be thrown overboard. This sees the duo going back into the psychiatric ward trying to figure out how to balance their hearts. They need to come true to each other in order to do so.

Events From Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 5Events From Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 5
From Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 5 Featuring Marc, Steven & Tawaret

Steven and Marc go back inside but Marc constantly tries to avoid Steven from unlocking certain memories. Steven was sick of Marc hiding things and goes on his own. He realizes that Marc as a kid lost his brother while playing near a cave full of water. After his brother’s death, Marc’s mother blamed it all on him. This resulted in her being abusive toward Marc for the rest of her life.

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Apart from that, Steven also got to witness the time Marc was a mercenary and killed a number of people. Post that, how Marc got shelter in an old temple and met Khonshu who saw his pain. Khonshu himself asked him to be the next avatar to eradicate evil.

Steven later also finds out that in order to cope with his brother’s death and his mother’s abuse, Marc created him. A happy persona that started coming around during the abuse. Turns out this persona always believed he had a good life and his mother was alive.

Ending For Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 5Ending For Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 5
From Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 5 Featuring Marc & Steven

Steven was certainly not happy with this revelation as he thought he was the original one. The duo then went into a flashback of Marc’s mother’s death. Marc came to reveal that this was the moment their personalities started crossing over.

Steven accepted that Marc was just a kid and it was not his fault. Still, the scales remain unbalanced and zombies came to take Steven and Marc’s souls. They managed to take away Steven while Marc remained on the ship. Once Steven fell off the ship and was turned into a stone, the scales came to a balance bringing Marc to A’aru.

Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 5 Review

Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 5 finally gave us the origin story of our hero and how his multiple personalities came to be. Marvel did a brilliant job of introducing this story by abandoning the classic way of starting right from the beginning. The non-marvel fans grew to understand Steven without questioning much hoping they will get answers soon and they did.

Apart from that, the show smoothly managed to shift the main focus on Marc from Steven who originally helmed the show in the first two episodes. This had disappointed the Marvel fans a little at the beginning of the show as they thought they will get Marc but had to meet Steven first.

Our Thoughts On Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 5Our Thoughts On Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 5
From Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 5 Featuring Steven

Since then coping with and understanding Marc has been a hassle. Although he is the one who should be taking center stage, the first four episodes seem to direct more towards Steven. The fifth episode was much needed for Marc to connect with the audience and finally take the center stage as he should.

At first, it might have been disappointing but in Episode 5, the show smoothly managed to establish a shift. This shift sees Marc’s personality as the main focus from now on. Even though Marc didn’t completely appear in the first two episodes, episode 5 manages to sum up everything for that.

The episode saw Marc and Steven trying to get their hearts to balance in order to survive the journey to A’aru. It seemed like this asked for Steven’s sacrifice. It was all about coming true to each other and they did. Steven’s sacrifice may suggest that Marc has come into a circle with his abusive past and has moved on from the same. Thus leading him to A’aru.

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