‘Morbius’ Post-Credits Scene Spoiled by the Director Himself

Morbius spoils Spiderman no way home
Poster of the Marvel movie Morbius

After the blooming success of ‘Sider-man No way Home’, Sony Studios is all set to release the third film under the Spider-Man universe titled ‘Morbius’. Featuring Jared Leto as the lead of Dr. Michael Morbius, the movie will be released on April 1st, 2022. Daniel Espinosa directed ‘Morbius’ which is based on Marvel’s superhero character of the same name. Although the first trailer of ‘Morbius’ that was released on 2nd November 2021, looked promising, it did not perform as per the expectations. In a special screening at Plaza Carso that was held on March 10th, audience reviews were disappointing. The movie failed to gain critical acclamation as well.

Fans were thrilled regarding the several Easter eggs and hidden possibilities of Morbius being linked with the Spider-Man universe. But the buzz was soon killed when spoilers related to post-credits scenes surfaced on the Internet. Sony studios’ director Daniel Espinosa himself revealed the concoction between Morbius and the Spiderman universe.

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Morbius ending revealed Morbius ending revealed
Announcement poster of Marvel’s upcoming movie ‘Morbius’ featuring Jared Leto as Dr. Michael Morbius

Ending of the Marvel movie ‘Morbius’ revealed

Director Daniel Espinosa revealed in an interview with Cinema Blend that the post-credits scene features Michael Keaton. He is the one who plays Adrian Toomes aka Vulture in ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’. The director continues by explaining the possible connection between the two universes. The Runes of Kauf-Kaul spell cast by Dr. Strange unleased several portals to multi-dimensions through which characters are traveling back and forth.

He revealed that Vulture and Venom are a few of the Marvel characters that got caught in the loop. This Statement might suggest the appearance of Venom in the movie as well. However, there is no confirmation regarding Venom’s role in ‘Morbius’. Looks like Sony Studios has a Tom Holland as well.

Morbius ending revealed Morbius ending revealed
A clip from the trailer of the Marvel movie ‘Morbius’, Dr. Michael Morbius as a Vampire

Morbius is the first-ever vampire superhero character in the Marvel franchise. Dr. Michael Morbius is a doctor by profession who is diagnosed with a rare blood disease. In an attempt to recover from the deadly disease, he underwent intense treatment believing to cure himself. But fate had something else decided. He genetically mutates into a vampire, gaining superhuman qualities.

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