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Moshi Fanren Chapter 368 Spoilers and Recap (Article Ready)

Moshi Fanren

Moshi Fanren Chapter 368 is set for the next release since the last chapter was released a few days ago. The manga will continue will a scheduled release of two to three days every week. The upcoming chapters are expected to release from Monday onwards. Let’s find more about Zuo and his reinforcement in the recent chapter of Moshi Fanren.

Duan met with Zuo and explained how she got humiliated in the past by his behavior. Zuo finds that Suan turned Cheno Wenboi, Luo Xuani, and Li Fei into Soulless Dolls and decided to battle with her. The chapter begins with Duan summoning two monstrous beasts, and Zuo’s reinforcement arrives. Duan told Zuo Taichen to finished their business now. The reinforcement wields their weapons and counter-attacks those two beasts. They notice that the monsters possess too dangerous viruses, and they will be difficult to challenge.

One of the reinforcements realizes that there is a winged man that she kills on Huxin Island. The two beasts roar and Duan told them to kill those two. The two exchange magical blows with the beast, and Zuo makes his way to Duan. The reinforcements got revealed to be Sang Bio and Squeaki. Squeaki told Sang Bio that he finds an opening, and Sang Bio replies that they have to kill that woman. Zuo attacks with a sword slash that Duan survived and commented that no attack would harm her.

Previously on Moshi Fanren Chapter 367

Duan teases Zuo that he can’t use a weapon. Zuo attacks again, but she uses a magic rope that missed the target. Zuo realizes that Duan’s power is out of the ordinary, and they keep on increasing. The shield that Duan is using to protect the meteorite fragments seems to get weakened. Zuo wonders if she will use the power of protection against him. Duan told Zuo that he would die and asks if he has reached his limit. Zuo exchange blows with her, and she uses her blade hair while saying that a weapon is a weapon.

Duan praises her abilities and that the battle will remain beautiful. Zuo notices that she is opened and landed a heavy fist that sent her flying. He begins to shower her with barrages on her face, and Duan asks what he is doing, hitting the lady on her face. Zuo asks her if she is not ashamed of her lousy face and mocks her beauty.

Moshi Fanren

Moshi Fanren

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Beautiful Zombie

Duan replies that he won’t live in this place alive and Zuo replies that they will see what she can do to him. They both clashed, and Duan continues to use her magical blade hair. Duan wonders how Zuo can destroy her sword faster than a shield can repair and realizes that she has used energy to stabilize the sword. Zuo landed a massive strike that cut Duan’s hair and lost her sword.

Zuo walks towards her and reminds her that everything is striking, from weapons to fighting style, and nothing has changed to Duan since she fights using the same techniques. He told her that she is a useless broken vase. Duan is on the ground and wonders how this man is smashing her since she has spent many years suffering preparing for this day. She thinks that Zuo’s sword strengthens his powers and she can’t lose to a man like him.

Zuo asks her if she is tired and explains how she is used her power through patterns. Duan gets furious when he said she is a monster. Zuo fires some shots at Duan, and she felt like she got hit by a truck. Duan can’t believe that he is telling her that she is ugly and comments that she will be a beautiful zombie even if she becomes a zombie. Duan summoned her powers and told Zuo that she would show him all. The wings and huge hands emerged as she loves into a scary beast. The battle continues in the next chapter.

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Moshi Fanren Chapter 368 Release Date

Moshi Fanren Chapter 368 will be released on 9 August 2021. This will be the earliest day we get the next chapter. The chapter will be available after the latest chapter release, and if it is late, it will be on the next day. The manga currently releases a new chapter every three days a week. Don’t miss the next chapter since it is on its way. You can also look at Spoilers & Recap: Moshi Fanren Chapter 367.

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