Most Hated Characters in Naruto

Most hated characters in Naruto
Most hated characters in Naruto

Naruto is a series that gives us many interesting characters with equally interesting backstories. Let’s talk about the Most Hated Characters in Naruto that have turned memorable now. In fact, it is an anime known to have a backstory of antagonists coming up in the middle of each fight. These backstories often make us understand the perspective of these antagonists. Most often, we may even make such characters our favorite ones.

That being said, Naruto is also a series with characters we cannot help but dislike and, for the most part, hate. These characters also include those that are not antagonists but have been the cause of major effects. Although some of their actions are understandable, they still do not manage to be liked and acknowledged by fans. Below mentioned are the most hated characters in Naruto.

Naruto is one of the widely known anime series that is adapted from a manga by Kishimoto Masashi. The manga and anime series began its journey in 1999 and ended in 2017. The series is considered to be one of the bests in the shounen genre.

Shimura Danzo tops the “Most Hated Characters in Naruto” list

Danzo easily takes the top spot among the most hated characters in Naruto. Although he had his reasons for doing whatever he did, he is the only villain in the series whose backstory does not emotionally affect us. Danzo was the reason we all initially hated Itachi, and his death was probably the most satisfying thing in the series.

Most hated characters in NarutoMost hated characters in Naruto
Danzo Shimura

He was a character who used to be always chasing power in order to run Konoha according to his ideals. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, however, because of this, there are many people who have suffered. Not only this, but he also made way for Orochimaru to conduct his creepy experiments. The most unsettling thing about his character is probably his “Sharingan Hand”. Interestingly enough, his actions were given a blind eye by the next most hated characters in Naruto.

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Hiruzen Sarutobi Made Bad Choices

Another character that comes under the “most hated characters in Naruto” list is Hiruzen Sarutobi. He was the third Hokage who resumed his position after Minato’s death. Yes, that was a good move, however, his actions after becoming Hokage for the second time showed how careless he was. Although knowing Danzo was the person behind Itachi’s fate, he chose to turn a blind eye. This still was understandable to an extent, but the fact that he did nothing to remove Danzo from the village, even though knowing he was a threat, easily becomes one of the bad choices he made.

Most hated characters in NarutoMost hated characters in Naruto
Hiruzen Sarutobi

Not only this, but he also did not look after Sasuke properly other than for his basic necessities. The same goes for Naruto. In fact, some fans suggest that if Hiruzen let Sasuke live with Naruto, who was already living alone at that point, the latter would have had a much deeper influence on Sasuke. On the other hand, Hiruzen was a good sensei to the three Legendary Sannin.

Still, he could not pass on the “Will of Fire” he was entrusted with. Overall, as a young man and being the Hokage for the first time, Hiruzen did a fairly great job. However, after becoming the Hokage for the second time, he made some bad choices as well as gave a blind eye to most of the evil things going on in the shadows of Konoha.

Koharu Utatane and Homura Mitokado aka The Elders

From the beginning, nobody liked them. Although their concerns for the village as well as Naruto’s existence were understandable, the way they decided to act on these was not appreciated by viewers. Both Koharu and Mitokado were classmates of Danzo and Hiruzen as well as students of the second Hokage, Tobirama.

The Elders

These elders were the people who ruled Konoha behind the scenes. The thing that gets them on the list is the fact that, as the advisors of the village, they treated Naruto badly. Not only this, but they only looked at the kid as the vessel for the tailed beast and nothing more. Another thing that gets them on the list is when they called Danzo to join the affairs of Konoha. Luckily, Tsunade, as the Hokage, chose to trust Naruto and rebel against their word.

Shizune makes it to the “Most Hated Characters in Naruto” list for one reason

The first time she appeared on screen, most Naruto fans saw Shizune as nothing but a side character. However, her one move made us instantly dislike her. Shizune was introduced as Tsunade’s assistant as well as Dan’s younger sibling. She always traveled around with Tsunade. When Tsunade became the Hokage, Shizune also gained some authority to an extent.

Most hated characters in NarutoMost hated characters in Naruto

However, when she lets the elders in on Tsunade’s plans regarding Naruto, everybody wanted her to back off. She not only caused Tsunade’s position as Hokage in danger but also made the elders keep an eye on Naruto as he was just a demon weapon to them.

Rasa was a Bad Dad

Minato and Rasa had one thing in common, and that was sealing a tailed beast in their son. However, Rasa’s treatment of Gaara was just straight-up cruel. Rasa viewed Gaara as nothing but a weapon to breed and later a failed experiment. Being the Kazekage of the village, he decided to protect the village over his son. Since Gaara was looked at as nothing but an experiment he was never present in his life as a father figure.


What is even worse is that he did not let Gaara’s siblings interact with him a lot. To make matters worse, since Gaara could not control his tailed beast, Rasa ordered his assassination, which caused the child to grow bitter day by day. Thus, most of Gaara’s trauma comes from the actions of his father. Yes, Rasa did receive some redemption episodes, however, it was too late for his apologies.

Obito Uchiha was naive

Uchiha Obito definitely is a character that made many bad choices, and his choices, like most characters on the list, was understandable. However, the fact that he was very naive and made these choices blindly makes him one of the most hated characters in Naruto. Even though Rin decided to die for the greater good, all he could see was the fact that she died, not the reason behind why she died. Not only this, but he despised Kakashi and blamed him for most things. His grudge towards Minato is understandable, yet, his actions were not justifiable.

Most hated characters in NarutoMost hated characters in Naruto
Obito Uchiha

If he made better choices, he could have been a part of Konoha, just as he envisioned during the final battle. If Obito would’ve stayed on the right path, his chances of becoming the Hokage would’ve been high. Since he was from the Uchiha clan, this would also cause no need for Itachi’s fate and Sasuke’s burdens.

Rin Nohara made it to the “Most Hated Characters in Naruto” list because of her insensitive response.

Initially, Rin appeared to be very sweet and kind towards her teammates, and indeed she was. However, Rin reminded us all of another character on this list. She was the medical Ninja of the team that consisted of Kakashi and Obito under Minato’s guidance. Rin was someone that caused her team major problems by being kidnapped not once but twice. Not only this, but she was, what fans consider, useless in any fight. Yet this is understandable because of her position as the medical ninja. Still, as a ninja, she could’ve used some self-defense.

Rin Nohara

However, these are not the things that made her one of the most hated Naruto characters. It was the moment after Obito’s “death” that got her here. When Kakashi reminded Rin of why Obito died, she easily dismissed his death and sacrifice, claiming her love for Kakashi. This was something not appreciated by fans and made her receive instant hate from them. However, this is not surprising since most of the female characters in Naruto are very poorly written.

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Although there are many members of the Akatsuki who were hated, Hidan takes the top spot, Deidara being the runner-up. From his first appearance to his last, Hidan was annoying and caused a lot of trouble for team 10. He is a character whose ninja powers were confusing at the beginning. When we finally got to know the use of his powers, we realized that he indeed was one of the strongest antagonists, making him more troublesome for the team.


However, the main reason we dislike him was the painful death he put Asuma through. Not only this, but the aftermath broke our hearts as we saw the always calm and collected Shikamaru bawl like a child. However, we can acknowledge that the events caused by Hidan led to Shikamaru’s character development. Who in turn, helped Naruto deal with losing Jiraiya.

Sasuke Uchiha is one of the most hated characters in Naruto.

Uchiha Sasuke is one of the most disliked characters in the series. Sasuke as a child was very bubbly and was very fond of his brother Itachi. However, after being traumatized by his clan’s massacre, he changed for the worse. Living alone, his hatred for his brother grew to make him doubt everyone who tried to be close to him. Yet, he had an unspoken friendship with Naruto. This unspoken friendship could’ve blossomed into something nicer if not for the choices made by Sasuke.

What makes him the most hated character throughout the Naruto series was not because of his hatred and thirst for revenge, but because he was a bad friend to Naruto as well as to Sakura. It was still all understandable until after Itachi’s death when he decided to destroy Konoha. Of course, his claim to become the Hokage after going rogue was funnily bad enough too.

Sasuke Uchiha

When it comes to Sakura, Sasuke was to her like she was to Naruto. This was like a lesson to Sakura, however, fans noticed that he also does not really deserve her love and devotion. As an adult, Sasuke decided to redeem himself and protect the village in the shadows. However, this decision made him a bad father figure to Sarada as well as leaving Sakura all on her own to raise her. Thus, Sasuke’s character is definitely disliked by many fans, if not hated.

Sakura Haruno Has Her Own Hate Club

Also known as Rin 2.0 or even worse, Sakura was disliked from the moment she first appeared on the screen. People usually hate her for not acknowledging Naruto’s feelings. But when we take a step back and see, she was loyal to Sasuke and loved only one person throughout her life. If we can like Hinata for doing that, then it even applies to Sakura. Interestingly, this is not really the reason why she is on the list, as you cannot force somebody to like you back, something even Naruto acknowledged. What makes her one of the most hated characters is the fact that she lied to Naruto. She lied that she liked him in order to get him to go back.

But hold on, it is understandable why she did that, but it was also stupid of her to think that everything revolves around what she wants. What is even sad about the whole scene is that she realized this before lying to Naruto. Funnily enough, she thought Sasuke would listen to her, and then she thought she could kill him.

Haruno Sakura

That being said, as mentioned above, most of the female characters are poorly written in Naruto however, Sakura was the only female character to have great character development. See, Sakura was also a character who was instantly hated in the Naruto series for bad-mouthing Naruto and his status. Gradually, she begin spending time with Naruto and realized he wasn’t that bad of a person, and so did the entire Konoha village. Sakura’s dislike of Naruto as a kid was nothing but her childish ideals.

Of course, she was useless initially, but as mentioned, by the start of the Boruto series, she became one of the most powerful Ninjas. Bottom line, Sakura is hated among Naruto fans, but if you think about it, Naruto would have died during the war if not for her.

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