Most Iconic One Sided Anime Fights That Every Fan Remembers

One Sided Anime Fights
Saitama vs. Deep Sea King

When it comes to anime fights, we have had all kinds, from boring to the most interesting ones. All anime that includes fighting has these kinds of fights because, at some point, they have to happen. This time we will look at the most one-sided anime fights that did not last as long as we all would have thought.

I know the list can be extensive, but here, we only have a number of them, so we may have left some of them out. Because if we were to include each and every one of them, then the list would go on for days. Anime is growing, and every season comes with something new. And this adds to the already existing library and catalogs of anime already in existence.

Interestingly, the fights that we will be looking at include a powerful opponent easily crushing a weaker character who tries to stand their ground no matter what. As you would know, such fights usually last a few punches or only includes a few tricks before the other character goes down. Let’s see how things happened in some of the one-sided anime fights.

Cal Shekar vs. Captain Johnson: Taboo Tattoo

In Taboo Tattoo Episode 7, we manage to see Colonel Sanders leading a mission to fight the Kingdom base at the 4th run in Japan. Along with him, he takes Izzy, Seigi, Toko, and the sealed fighter’s second lieutenant, Wang. Captain Johnson, Lisa, and Major Leonardo Burns, together with 20 sealed copies, went along with them in a group of helicopters.

Cal ShekarCal Shekar
Cal Shekar

As the battle is about to ensue, the first move is for them to blast the site from the helicopters, but as Cal Shekar emerges, he easily kills Captain Jonhson in what became one of the shortest anime fights. Aryabhata sent Lltutmins back to the site as a backup to Cal. Both sides took heavy casualties as Lltumish arrived and transformed into a giant saber tooth trigger. Izzy realized that they were outclassed, while Aryabhata decided to go to the site herself to support her forces.

Ashuraman vs Satan Cross: Kinnikuman

Looking at one of the shortest fights in anime, we will have to head into Kinnikuman 2011 anime, where Ashuraman faced off against Satan Cross. During their fight, Ashuraman praised Satan Cross for the moves he had been shown in battle and noted that the damage that Satan Cross had been showing was enormous. After this, he announced that it would finally be time for his counterattack. So he moves on to finish Satan’s cross with a Natural Bone Crusher move.

One Sided Anime FightsOne Sided Anime Fights
Ashuraman Clan

This ended up becoming one of the one-sided anime fights that we have seen so far. And during their grapple, Ashuramman praised Satan Cross for being the first Chojin to fight well and said that it would be a shame to kill him. Satan Admitted that Ashuraman was right all along on the difference between their strengths. So he accepted his loss and became empty. But in the end, this emptiness ended up driving Chojin to evolve and outshine Satan Cross’s imperfection.

Dragons vs. Humans: Miss Kobayashi Dragon Maid

When Kanna was having a hard time at school with the bullies, she told her elders about it and as a group of super-powered dragons that have transformed into humans. They decided to settle things through a dodgeball game. The Dragons have to go all out to defend Kanna’s honor, and since the kids all ran away, the dragons end up playing against each other because theirs was the easiest victory they have ever had.

Dragons vs. HumansDragons vs. Humans
Dragons vs. Humans

Their team had Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid at the playground, and they were ready to give it everything they had. Elma came in as the referee using her clairvoyant vision, and all players had to abide by the rules of dodge ball. So even though no magic was allowed to be in use, this battle ended before it even began and made the defeat of the bullies even more worth it.

Goku vs Beerus: Dragon Balll Super

The beginning of Dragon ball super saw the appearance of the first god of destruction, who has been seeking to fight a Super Saiya God. Something that was said to have existed only in legends. But as we know Goku, he would stand up to any challenge that would put the lives of all on earth at risk. The revival of the Dragon Ball franchise anime meant that we had to see something beyond the ordinary fights that we were used to in Dragon ball anime.

Goku vs BeerusGoku vs Beerus
Goku vs Beerus

So for a grand opening, we managed to see a one-sided anime fight between Beerus, the god of destruction, and Goku, who could only do Super Saiyan 3 at his best. So all his efforts did nothing to help because Beerus easily turned their battle into one of the shortest anime fights making easy work out of Goku, who was seemingly the most powerful person on earth at the time. The only thing that managed to save them at the time was the delicious food that earth had, and Beerus did not want to miss all of that. If you wondered what episode Goku and Beerus fight, this happens in Dragon Ball Super Episode 5 as the mighty Beerus proves to be undefeated.

Kenpachi vs Giriko: Bleach

Zaraki Kenpachi has been shown to be a fearsome opponent, and he has shown that several times in the anime. To see how this took place, we should head over and find out what episode is Kepachi vs. Giriko because that is where we managed to see Kenpachi swiftly defeating Giriko, owing to his might and fame. Kenpachi vs. Giriko take place in Bleach episode 362 up until episode 363.

One Sided Anime FightsOne Sided Anime Fights
Kenpachi vs Giriko

It was also regarded as the first and the shortest battle between Xcution and the Gotei 13. The fight started after Yuko separated all the fighters into chat rooms with his enhanced fullbring. Kenpachi was annoyed when Byakuya did not grant his requests of switching opponents. When Giriko heard this, he asked Kenpachi if that meant Kenpachi thought he was a weak opponent and intended to defend his honor. But Giriko continued to annoy Kenpachi, only for Kenpachi to defeat him with just a single swing of his sword.

Guts vs. 100 Men: Berserk

Guts have been given lots of nicknames like the Hundred Man Slayer. Most would think that this was just casually given to him. But in fact, it came to him from one of the events that have happened throughout his life. Guts have known fighting all his life, and it was all it took for him to survive. If you are a fan of the classic Berserk anime, you should know that in Berserk Episode 13, Guts had to fight for his honor and life.

Guts vs. 100 MenGuts vs. 100 Men
Guts vs. 100 Men

This was when the Adon Coborlwits and his Blue Whale knights found Guts and Casca. They completely outnumbered him as he told Casca to run while he would stay and fight a hundred-man army. This is how he earned his nickname as the Hundred Man Slayer as he single-handedly defeated all of them. So we managed to see one of the one-sided anime fights and what would be some of the best in Berserk anime so far.

Yuno vs. Salim: Black Clover

Even though Yuno is not one of your flashy characters. He managed to prove what he is made of, as most people took him for a peasant who had no magic aptitude at all. We saw this during the Magic Knights Entrance exam when Salim selected Yuno to be his battle opponent, so everyone was looking forward to what this one will go through. Because Salim is from a noble family were, children are trained from a young age. In comparison, Yuno was a peasant who had not received any formal training yet.

Yuno vs. SalimYuno vs. Salim
Yuno vs. Salim

After being paired with Salim, Yuno’s battle starts as Salim casts his most powerful spell. But Yuno remained calm and easily defeated by his towering tornado. The exam then came to an end as the squads’ captains picked individuals from the contestants. Yuno was in demand as all three captains asked for him, but he decided to join the Golden Dawn squad in the end.

Luffy vs. Bellamy: One Piece

During the Dressrossa arc, we managed to see different fights in One Piece that were interesting. The most notable and shortest of them is Bellamy vs. Luffy. This is a good opportunity for those who wish to find out if Bellamy can defeat Luffy. Because back then, we had fans who wondered about fights like that one. So to find out more on this, we will have to head over to which episode does Luffy beat Bellamy.

Luffy vs. BellamyLuffy vs. Bellamy
Luffy vs. Bellamy

Their fight has been a one-sided anime fight, and we managed to see this in action. Luffy beats up Bellamy in One Piece episode 150 when the straw hats continue to search for the South Bird. Bellamy and his crew attacked Cricket’s house. So this made Luffy go back to Mock Town and beat up Bellamy. While he gets there, he finds out that Bellamy is ready for Luffy leading to their one-sided fight that does not take too long for Luffy to finish.

Mirio vs. Class 1a: My Hero Academia

Looking at an episode where Mirio fought with the entire class 1a in My Hero Academia. We can see that it did not take him long to defeat all of them due to his strange powers. Mirio came as a third-year student who had to show class 1a a thing or two. And he started by demonstrating his powers and how easily he could defeat the first years.

One Sided Anime FightsOne Sided Anime Fights
Mirio vs. Class 1a

Mirio vs. Class 1a battle happens in My Hero Academia Episode 63. So Eiijirro moved to attack him first, but Midoriya took over the challenge, trying to finish things fast. But Mirio used a combination of his attacks to defeat half of the class in a very short time. He then moved to the remaining students and easily took them out as well, but he ended up encouraging them to participate in the hero work-study after showing them were they lacked in power.

Saitama vs. Deep Sea King: One Punch Man

If we look at most of Saitama’s victories, we can classify them into a class of their own as he defeats most of his opponents with just a swing of his punch. So we need to look at one of the episodes where Saitama fights the Deep Sea King as he demonstrates his powers and swiftly wins the battle. We managed to see this in One Punch Man episode 8 so let’s look into the detailed fight and how Saitama defeated the Deep Sea King.

One Sided Anime FightsOne Sided Anime Fights
Saitama vs. Deep Sea King

It was one of the one-sided anime fights in the series, and we saw a furious Deep Sea King throwing a full-powered punch at Saitama. But just before it connects. Saitama casually punched the Deep Sea King in the stomach and easily ripped a hole in his torso, killing him instantly. Everyone cheered in triumph, seeing that the Deep Sea King had been finally defeated.

Asta vs Sekke: Black Clover

During the Magic Knights Entrance exam, we managed to see different characters showing off their skills. Even though we did not see much from his side, Asta was amongst the stand-out characters even though he did not show any use of magic in his fight, which would explain why no squad captain wanted to take him at first.

Asta vs SekkeAsta vs Sekke
Asta vs Sekke

Similar to Yuno, Asta was chosen by his opponents. Even though Asta was happy about it, Sekke started by throwing insults at Asta and told him that he selected Asta because he looked weak and it would give him a good chance of being selected by one of the squads. Sekke started the fight by activating his spell while Asta swiftly dashed towards him and used his sword to cut Sekke spell and easily defeated Sekke in the end.

Natsu vs. Gildharts: Fairy Tail

Just hearing about the opponents’ names already sets this as the one-sided anime fights that we can all think of. Because this happened before Natsu’s character development. And even to date, it would be an interesting fight to watch, but I bet it would last longer than it did last time. When Natsu was faced against Gildharts, Natsu relentlessly attacked even though he had no chance of winning.

Natsu vs GildhartsNatsu vs Gildharts
Natsu vs Gildharts

He decided to show a few tricks he had that managed to make him last as long as he did. But Gildharts easily thwarted any plan that Natsu would come up with. Natsu’s aim in this fight was just to make Gildharts move from his starting position. Something he managed to achieve despite this fight lasting a very short amount of time.

Naruto vs Itachi: Naruto Shippuden

We all know that once Itachi is involved in a fight, things do not usually take that long. One fighter that we can still reference was when Orochimaru wanted to take over Itachi’s body, only for him to fall victim to one of Itachi’s genjutsu. And we all know that once you fall victim to Itachi’s jutsu, then you are as good as defeated. We have seen this multiple times. And one of them was at the beginning of the Naruto Shippuden.

Naruto vs ItachiNaruto vs Itachi
Naruto vs Itachi

Naruto vs. Itachi took place in Naruto Shippudden episode 13 when he was alongside Chiyo, Sakura, and Kakashi. While they were busy devising a way to defeat Itachi, Naruto easily fell victim to Itachi’s genjutsu, which he came to after the battle had concluded. So at soon as the battle started, Naruto was placed in a genjutsu, completely taking him out of the fight.

Vegeta vs. Frost: Dragon Ball Super

We all know that Vegeta likes to show off and thinks of himself as the mightiest warrior there could be. So him having one of the one-sided anime fights in the series might have him on his high horses once again. We managed to see thin during the battle in the Universe 6 and Universe 7 gods of destruction tournament. This happens in Dragon Ball Super Episode 107, where Vegeta was faced off against Frost.

One Sided Anime FightsOne Sided Anime Fights
Vegeta vs. Frost

Frost had to fight the Super Saiyan Vegeta and was defeated with just a single punch. Vegeta noted that he was holding back considerably because if he had used full-power ten, Frost would not have survived his attack. This might have been due to Frost’s stamina being depleted from his previous fights. But in the end, this kind of put Vegeta in good standing as Frost was able to give Goku a hard time in one of his previous fights.

Tatsuya vs. Hanzo: The Irregular at Magic High

The Irregular at Magic high anime is also among some of the anime that flexes its character’s powers, and we saw this in the early episodes of the series. In The Irregular at Magic High episode 3, we managed to see Tatsuya fighting Hanzo during the enrolment. Seeing this, the council could not reconcile Tatsuya’s flawless victory in his duel against Hanzo.

One Sided Anime FightsOne Sided Anime Fights
Tatsuya vs. Hanzo

But all this action escalated from episode 2 when Tatsuya’s skills and wits have earned him his sister’s scrutiny of Mayumi Saegusa. But when Hanzo later opposed Tatsuya’s nomination, they decided that they should settle things through a duel. Things didn’t take long as Tatsuya easily defeated Hanzo, to the surprise of the student council. Tatsuya went on to show his skills further when he was assaulted by the rest of the Kenjutsu club, who would not accept his authority because he is a weed.

Gon vs. Pitou: Hunter X Hunter

Weh Gon went beyond his body limits to get monstrous powers; Pitou was overwhelmed by Gon’s new power while Kilua was on his way to save his friend from the terrifying Pitou. All this action takes place in Hunte x Hunter episode 131, and we managed to see one of the one-sided anime fights in the series. This was after Pitou declared that she must kill Gon for the King’s sake.

Gon vs. PitouGon vs. Pitou
Gon vs. Pitou

But after witnessing Kite’s death, Gon was enraged and easily tapped up to his new powers that easily outclassed Pitou’s strength. And by the time Killua arrived at the scene. He found a transformed Gon standing next to Pitou’s dead body, which was barely moving thanks to its devotion to the king. Gon had easily defeated Pitou despite him being previously out-skilled. But his new transformation gave him a huge power boost at the cost of his life force.

Sebas vs. Zero: Overlord

While Overlord anime has been off the screens for a while, an upcoming installment has been confirmed, and now it is just a matter of time. In Overlord season 2, we managed to see one of the shortest fights in anime. But knowing how Sebas was, we can also refer to it as a beating. When Sebas successfully rescues Tuare and tells Zero that he has killed all of his subordinates, Zero does not believe it.

Sebas vs. ZeroSebas vs. Zero
Sebas vs. Zero

But in their fight, Sebas allowed Zero to attack first with his strongest attack as the honor of their battle. But Zero realized that his attacks were futile, and Sebas instantly kills Zero with a heel dropkick responding to Zero’s aggression. This had easily settled things between their fight, and even though this was a bit sad, Sebas carried Tuare with him to safety and took her back to Nazarick together with Demiurge.

Roy Mustang vs. Envy: Full Metal Alchemist

Roy Mustang seemingly killed Envy in Full Metal alchemist episode 53. But even though Envy ended up being dead, it was not because of Mustang’s doings. In the episode, Roy is enraged and asks Scar and Ed to let him go and take down Envy on his own while they proceed ahead. Envy tried to stop them, but Mustang entered with a burst of flames and told Envy that he would be his only opponent.

One Sided Anime FightsOne Sided Anime Fights
Roy Mustang vs. Envy

Then things escalated into a one-sided anime fight as envy transforms into his massive form, preparing for battle. This made Envy a larger target, and Roy did not waste any time and attacked with alternating blows that engulfed Envy in flames. As he recalls that he was faced with an opponent who burned Lust to ashes. Envy created a diversion and slipped back to his human form, and fled from the hall.

Levi vs. Beast Titan: Attack on Titan

Although this one would come off as a sneak attack, the Beast Titan was aware that it was in a battle but unsure when Levi would show up. The battle was very short, and during their brief encounter, the Beat Titan attempted to harden its nape, but it was too late as Levi’s attack was too fast and came unexpectedly.

Levi vs. Beast TitanLevi vs. Beast Titan
Levi vs. Beast Titan

Levi managed to cut down the Beast Titan before it could make any moves. Ene on their rematch, the Beast Titan, managed to apply a bit of hardening on its nape, but again this time, Levi had a trick up his sleeve, using the Thunder Spears to take it down once again. Levi had proved to be fearsome no matter what kind of Titan he would face. Because this is one of his shortest fights in the anime, and it was against the biggest opponent he has ever faced.

Madara vs Shinobi Alliance: Naruto Shippuden

Every Naruto fan would know that a battle will always be one-sided whenever Madara fights most opponents, as we have seen throughout the anime. The most notable of these fights were when Madara entered the fourth Shinobi world war and easily took out most of the Shinobi Alliance. The five Kage had to make a move before Madara would finish everyone on the battlefield.

One Sided Anime FightsOne Sided Anime Fights
Madara vs Shinobi Alliance

But if we look at who won in Madara vs. Shinobi alliance. We should head over to Naruto Shippuden episode 322. The Shinobi alliance could do very little to defend itself against all of Madara’s spells. Things got a bit better when the five Kage assembled to even the odds a bit, and they managed to relieve most of the Shinobi that Madara would have killed with ease.  So this easily makes the one-sided anime fights that we can look at. And it is a fight worth remembering as one of the best in Naruto anime. Even though the five Kage moved to defend their honor, things would end up in their defeat as Madara was only toying around with them.

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