Motorhoming with Merton & Webster: All About It! (Article Ready)

What do we know about Motorhoming with Merton & Webster Release Date? If you looking for something interesting to binge-watch, then New Channel 5 has you covered! Get ready to join popular comedians Suki Webster and Paul Merton on a road trip like never before! As travel restrictions are easing, this pair is setting out on a journey in a four-wheel that is adventurous and comes with a few pleasant surprises as well! The channel head has also welcomed the pair as they said that Paul is one of the nation’s best-loved performers, and they are incredibly excited to welcome both him and Suki to Channel 5.

The pair are starring in New Channel 5 newest show titled Motorhoming with Merton and Webster! The series will have a total of six episodes. Viewers will witness the two series out in a trip through England and Wales in a 7.3-meter RollerTeam Pegaso 740 motorhome! The pair will also be sharing a few van life hacks, kit testing, and fans will get a glimpse inside some of Britain’s best vans. Let us look into all the details about Motorhoming with Merton & Webster Release Date.

Motorhoming with Merton & Webster Release Date: What Do We Know.

The newest show, Motorhoming with Merton and Webster, makes its debut on 6th August on Channel 5. The pair admitted that they really enjoyed their motorhoming experience and the freedom it brings with it. Paul excitedly said that he is a total convert! It had never occurred to them to try a driving holiday but sitting watching the sun go down, with a different view every night, was a great experience. Suki Webster describes motorhoming like a self-catering holiday but with the advantage that you wake up with a different view!

Witness A Journey Like Never Before

Paul Merton further explained how when you get up the very next morning, it is always a very pleasant surprise. Especially if one can see distant mountains or lakes or something equally beautiful.  For Webster, it is constantly about renewing your holiday experience! If one is looking out for ideas in order to find the best camping equipment to buy or how to make the caravan warmer, this show is a must-watch. Moreover, the couple will help you get ideas of how to choose the best spot in a caravan park and how to park it.

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Suki Webster Shares Some Impressive Motorhoming Tips!

While talking about the necessities that should be kept in mind while motorhoming, Suki Webster explains how it is important to make sure everything is properly packed away and strapped down. They showed us a few tips as they brought in several kitchen towels and tea towels and every morning, they would wrap and unwrap. Have a little sneak peek into the interesting trip as the couple sets out on it!  Get to watch all of it exclusively on Channel 5!

Webster made a rather interesting comparison. She said that it is like Christmas every day as you are just constantly unwrapping everything! Get ready to witness some beautiful places in Britain while taking in the sights, enjoying local delicacies. You can take some tips as these Motorhoming enthusiasts share all of the need-to-know caravanning hacks and secrets!

The Couple Talks About Starring Together In The Show!

The couple has expressed their excitement for their series to air. The pair says that having performed live comedy together for many years in an atmosphere of beautiful, magical harmony. The pair joked about how they are thrilled to bring their insincere relationship to TV via Channel 5!

Suki Webster and Paul Merton

Suki Webster and Paul Merton

The one-of-a-kind motorhoming experience comes with a set of challenges. This includes the 6ft 2 Paul struggling to fit into a tiny bed and getting trapped in the bathroom on the first night! The pit exploded, due to how they were parked on a slant. This caused the sliding door between their bed and bathroom area to be jammed! They admitted that if the camera crew did not hear their screams, they would have been stuck there!

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