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Mr. Compress Facts That Every MHA Fan Should Know!

Facts About Mr. Compress

Boku No Hero Academia is an anime that is growing in popularity day by day. Not only does it manage to dive into the darker aspects of a corrupted society, but at the same time manages to remain very humorous and light. The best thing about the series is that it equally shows the good and bad of the Hero society and the villain’s uprising. Although it doesn’t excuse the action of the villains, it certainly provides their characters with a surprising depth by showing the terrible past that they went through. Thus not only is one charmed with the amazing personalities of the heroes, one is equally intrigued by the personalities of the villains. One such character that fits into the latter category is Mr. Compress of the League of Villains, and here we shall look into some facts about him.

First introduced during the Forest Training Camp Arc, he proved to be a very powerful villain after he easily kidnapped one of the strongest students of Class 1-A, Bakugo Katsuki. He didn’t just do this but also managed to successfully make us interested in him. From this arc, Mr. Compress, whose real name is Atsuhiro Sako, only becomes more important to the dealings of the League of Villains. Here are ten unknown facts about Mr. Compress that every My Hero Academia fan should know.

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1. Mr. Compress Is A Descendant Of A Legendary Criminal

It seems like being a genius criminal is something that Atsuhiro Sako carries in his very genes because he comes from a longstanding family of mastermind criminals. He is the great-grandchild of the Peerless Thief, a legendary robber of the BNHA universe. Peerless Thief, whose real name is Oji Harima, is practically the Robina Hood of MHA whose actions revolved around stealing from affluent heroes and distributing it to the common masses. Inspired by his somewhat of a vigilante grandfather, Atsuhiro became a nationally wanted thief himself so as to fight against a corrupt system of affluent heroes. Thus, Atsuhiro joined the League of Villains with the objective of standing up against the hero society.

Mr. Compress with League of Villain Members

2. He Is A Very Caring Member

Mr. Compress can be easily dubbed as the most caring member of the League of Villains. As he falls into the delusional category of villains, he believes himself to be a good guy with good causes. Thus his deep fraternization with his teammates or those whom he believes to be on the same side isn’t really all that surprising. He was one of the members that were distraught with the unjust death of Magne and also the one to immediately leap into action, without any doubts, against Overhaul.

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3. He Has A Prosthetic Arm

Continuing on the same line of thought, the consequence of the sudden and thoughtless attack against Overhaul was the loss of his left arm. His efforts to avenge Magne were in vain as he was hit by a prototype of a Quirk-Destroying Bullet, which temporarily rendered him quirkless and caused Overhaul to maim his left arm. Although he lost his arm, he now has an artificial robotic arm which has only made him more powerful by increasing the range of his quirk. This robotic arm was provided by none other than Giran, with which he could shoot his marbles from his fingertips.

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4. He Can Use His Quirk On Himself

Just as we see the future heroes becoming stronger in every arc, we also see just how much more capable the villains are than we initially thought them to be. The latter is apparent with the case of Mr. Compress, as we come to know in the later arcs that he is capable of using his quirk on himself. During the conclusion of the Paranormal Liberation War arc, he was compelled to maim his lower body in order to escape Best Jeanist’s fiber shackles. To escape being bound again, Atsuhiro destroyed more of his body, including his garments, which were being influenced by Best Jeanist.

Mr. Compress Facts
Mr. Compress

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5. He Shares His Birthday With A Student Of Class 1-A

Atsuhiro Sako’s birthday is on 8th October, which he surprisingly shares with a student of Class1-A. That student is none other than Mineta Minoru. This means that his zodiac sign is Libra. Who would have thought that a villain would share a birthday with someone from UA High?

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6. His Quirk Has A Big Limitation

Without a doubt, Mr. Compress is a very powerful villain. The nature of his quirk is such that he can easily use it to defeat even the most powerful heroes. His quirk allows him to compress anyone into a small marble because of which he can capture just about anyone. He can also use his quirk on selective parts of the body, which can deal huge injuries to the opposing party. However, the limitation of his quirk is that he can only use it against others by physically touching them. This is the only shortcoming of his quirk.

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7. He Has A Habit Of Boasting

Mr. Compress is a performer to his very core. One can even go as far as to say that he is as passionate about an entertaining deliverance of his actions as he is about his league activities. Thus each time he makes an appearance, we only see him being as entertaining as is possible. Whether it be in front of his teammates or opponents, he always maintains a demeanor of a pompous jester or showman. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for others, he has such an obsessive penchant for monologuing and demonstrating his comedic abilities that he even loses track of the goal at hand.

League of Villains

This is definitely his only weakness that can be taken advantage of, as in one instance, we even see him jeopardize a very important mission of the League. Such instance was none other than the one that takes place during the Forest Training Camp Arc. As the leader of the Vanguard Action Squad, Mr. Compress was trusted with the most important task of kidnapping Tokoyami Fumikage and Bakugo Katsuki. However, his habit of boasting allowed the Bakugo Escort Squad to apprehend him since he spent so much time mocking them.

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8. He Was A Stage Magician

Mr. Compress Facts
Mr. Compress and Dabi

It has been revealed that Atsuhiro was earlier a stage performer, in particular a magician. This profession has definitely taught him a lot of tricks that make him an even deadlier foe. Thus he has rightfully declared himself as master manipulator, escapist, and illusionist. When fighting an opponent, he uses not only his quirk but also his own ingenious tricks and strategies. One such trick of his is when he uses decoy marbles to switch them with the real ones, successfully deceiving anyone attempting to steal the marbles from him.

9. Mr. Compress Is The Brains Of The League

Every time he makes a flashy entrance, one can definitely be sure of one thing, that is his high levels of intelligence. While almost every member is decently smart at the very least, Atushiro is indispensable to the League due to his genius-like intellect. He is easily able to keep calm under the most stressful situation which even the leader, Tomura Shigaraki has was rightfully given the position of being the leader of the Vanguard Action Squad of the League of Villains and, as of now, one of the nine lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front.

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10. Injuries From Compress Quirk Cause No Pain

In instances where his compress quirk has caused injuries, from minor to massive, the one on the receiving end of the injuries has never shown much pain. This has led many to believe that his quirk doesn’t cause any pain to its victims. Although we can’t be completely sure of this, the fact that Atsuhito destroyed a major portion of his body without even flinching in order to escape Best Jeanist suggests that the theory is most probably true.

Mr. Compress

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