My Dead Ex Ending Explained: What Do You Think?

In this article, we cover My Dead Ex ending explained. Firstly, My Dead Ex begins in high school, where we meet Charley (Katherine Hughes), a girl who wants to be the next Instagram superstar, her delightfully dry homosexual best friend Wren (Medalion Rahimi), and Ben (Ryan Lee), a guy who has the world’s most extraordinary infatuation on Charley. It’s almost cringe-worthy to see Ben swoon for her, given that she couldn’t be bothered by his emotions.

Throughout the show, you discover that they were once extremely close friends as youngsters, and Ben has been sure she is the one female for him ever since. This is indeed beginning to sound like a dozen other high school romance flicks you’ve watched until tragedy strikes and Ben dies in a terrible (and morbidly funny) accident. Keep reading on as we cover this series’ convoluted plot, and we tell you if there is a second season on the way.

Who is in the cast of My Dead Ex?

Katherine C. Hughes, who plays the heroine Charley, leads the cast of ‘My Dead Ex.’ A rare spark of power strikes her life, transforming everything. Ryan Lee plays Ben, who is madly in love with Charley. Luke, Charley’s unrequited infatuation, is played by Ryan Malaty. Wren, Charley’s closest buddy, is played by Medalion Rahimi. Audrey Wasilewski as Mary Bloom, Marc Evan Jackson as Vice Principal Kelly, Beth Littleford as Laurel, and Matt Braunger as Officer Mitch Maloof are among the other cast members.

What Is My Dead Ex Plot About?

Charley Albright has a love on Luke, but she is often contacted by Ben, who insists on going out with her. She eventually agrees on the condition that he leave her alone after the date. But Ben, a romantic fool, tries to make things right by professing his love through an Instagram post that includes a statement painted on a billboard that ultimately kills him. Charley, terrified and disheartened, recalls her relationship with Ben and wears a necklace he gave her when they were 10 years old. When Ben wears the necklace, he is jolted back to life and is bound by a spell (or curse) that requires him to remain within 30 feet of Charley. The plot is on how these two individuals rekindle their friendship and exchange their experiences.

my dead ex ending explained

My dead ex ending explained.

My Dead Ex Ending Explained

Charley is virtually oblivious to the incident at the wake, even going so far as to be thrilled about handing her number to her real crush. (Way to be cruel, child.) It’s all pretty superficial until Charley puts on a necklace Ben gave her when they were kids, and then he appears on her doorstep. He was brought back to life – kind of – by the two magical necklaces. He moves and is conscious, yet he is entirely undead. And he can’t be more than thirty feet away from Charley without experiencing excruciating agony.

The program proceeds from there, attempting to trace the necklace’s origins, Ben’s ultimate discovery, and the humor of using the word “zombie” as though it were politically wrong. But it was the connection between Hughes and Lee that pulled me into this ridiculous program. Even when Charley should be irritated with Ben, there is a sliver of gratitude – no one in her life has ever believed in her the way Ben has. They also have the comforting familiarity that comes with knowing someone for the majority of your life.

My dead ex ending explainedMy dead ex ending explained

My Dead Ex Ending Explained

While Ben is occasionally too anxious to impress Charley, it is his forthright approach toward her self-deprecation that has won me over. Charley’s path from being too superficial to realizing what is really essential in life was also incredibly enlightening to see. There’s also a wonderful subplot about Wren’s infatuation and how tough it is to come out as homosexual, even if the world seems to be becoming more tolerant.

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My Dead Ex Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of ‘My Dead Ex’ will be available on Netflix in its entirety on February 1, 2021. The series is made up of eight episodes, each lasting between 21 and 27 minutes. Prior to its arrival on the streaming platform, it debuted on go90 on March 20, 2018, after its debut at SXSW on March 11, 2018. Netflix took it on when its own network fell down. It was praised for its original storyline and vibrant characters.

Here is all we know so far about Season 2. The first season’s conclusion leaves no stone left in tying up all the loose ends. It comes to a fairytale-like ending that doesn’t allow much room for its continuance, and the authors haven’t given any updates about its renewal. Given these circumstances, it seems doubtful that a second season of ‘My Dead Ex’ will be produced.

My Dead Ex Ending ExplainedMy Dead Ex Ending Explained

My Dead Ex Ending Explained

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