My Hero Academia Chapter 355: Release Date & Spoilers

My Hero Academia began with one more important fight, and that is against All For One, the mastermind of the current situation. So far, we think that this will continue in chapter 355 of My Hero Academia as well; however, now, they will have the support of the U.A. students as well. Only after one chapter into the fight against the terror, All For One, Number one, and Number two heroes are severely injured. If it wasn’t for Jirou and Tokoyami, the injury would have been much worse. While the support of Jirou and Tokoyami will help the heroes, it is easy to deduce that Endeavor is going to be one to stop All for One with the support of his follower, Hawks, and U.A. students.

So what will happen in My Hero Academia Chapter 355? Let’s try to predict in this article. Furthermore, we will give you information regarding the release date of Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 355 and as well as where you can read the chapter for free. So without further ado, let’s dig into it.

My Hero Academia Chapter 354 Recap

As expected, My Hero Academia chapter 354 focused on the battle between Endeavor and Hawks Vs. All For One. The chapter begins with Hawks and Jeanist speaking about All for One’s weakness. It is a fact known that All For One wears the mask that is like a life-supporting to him. That is where their main target should be. While they were speaking on how to fight All For One, Hawks and Jeanist thought that the best way would be to overwhelm All for one with the numbers. However, All For One’s ability to steal quirks is his specialty. So they cannot have heroes losing their quirk in the middle of a war.

My Hero Academia Chapter 354 Recap
My Hero Academia Chapter 354 Recap

They restored to fight All For One with a minimum number of people with the maximum amount of Power. The fight in chapter 354 of My Hero Academia had its ups and downs and with All For One pushing our heroes to drive in the corner. Hawks tried to attack All For One by a surprise but it seems Hawks have lost their speed since his fight against Dabi. Hawks are now using prosthetic wings. Furthermore, All for One even severely injured Endeavor tricking him to lose his focus through verbal tricks. All for One had the following projectile attack to finish off Endeavor but Hawks tried his best to protect Endeavor. It was Jirou’s heartbeat wall that protected both of the heroes.

My Hero Academia Chapter 355 Expectations & Spoilers

In the previous chapter of My Hero Academia, we saw the reason why Endeavor was not put against Dabi. Because the former is full of guilt and would not be able to fight the latter. His fight with Dabi would result in Endeavor on the ground with so much as not even a scratch on Dabi because of Endeavor’s guilt. Even saw how All For One took this to his advantage, when Endeavor overpowered All for one in projectile and physical attacks, All For One resorted to verbal attacks just like he did against All Might during his last fight. Last time All For One used the latter’s late sensei to emotionally damage All Might, and this time he is using Endeavor’s Son to injure him.

My Hero Academia Chapter 355 ExpectationsMy Hero Academia Chapter 355 Expectations

While no one else is able to fight All for One, Endeavor must overcome his emotions and not be manipulated by All for One’s verbal tricks. This is what Hawks kept referring to as Endeavor in My Hero Academia Chapter 354. However, Endeavor’s guilt is much worse than we think. Already short-tempered, Hero loses his cool whenever Dabi is mentioned. The first obstacle for our Number Hero is accepting the guilt and moving on. Then with the support of Hawks, the U.A students Jirou and Tokoyami, he can defeat All For One. Not to mention his life-supporting mask; this is what they are aiming for. Sooner or later, it will be possible.

My Hero Academia Chapter 355 Release Date

My Hero Academia will return next week as well since there is no break announced. My Hero Academia Chapter 355 will release on 5th June 2022.

Read My Hero Academia Chapter 355 Online

Once it is released, fans around the world can read the chapter for free on Viz. Furthermore, you can also read the last three chapters for free as well.

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