My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 108: Release Date & Spoilers

Let’s look at the upcoming release of My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 108 and other updates. The brawl between the heroes and the villains continues while The Crawler vs. Number Six has gotten intense. Number Six tried Crawler Style and caught up with Crawler. He is furious and heads towards Koichi while destroying the cars on the streets. Number Six realizes that his Knuckles Bomb can send a car to the scrapyard, but he can’t send Koichi flying. He asks Koichi how he is still alive after suffering those massive strikes. Number Six decided that he will tell Koichi his secrets, and Koichi wonders what Six is saying.

The chapter title is ”The Days To Come.” Koichi notices that Number Six is not playing, and Overclock realizes that the boy is surviving to overclock attacks. Number Six believes that the Crawler got lucky from surviving the previous strike. He unleashes a super move called RUSH and comments that Koichi won’t survive this one. Koichi keeps his defense mode using his Quirk. Overclock suggests no more Knuckle Bombs quality over quality. Number Six keeps on advancing, and Overclock notices that Number Six is not properly using his RUSH.

Number Six told Overclock to stop bragging since he failed and didn’t get the right body to use Quirk: Overclock since he can surpass his limit. Koichi uses his Quirk as a shield to block the punches and notice that Number Six is too quick. Number Six thinks that Koichi can’t keep up, and he is desperate. Overclock wonders if Koichi is reading every move of Number Six. Number Six decided to accelerate into high gear and surpass Koichi’s predictions. He managed to get a clean hit and landed a powerful body shot that smashed Koichi.

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Previously on My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 107

Number Six is glad that he got Koichi where he wanted and decided to finish the battle by smashing Koichi’s head. But Koichi Quirk reacts on its own and landed a beam that almost blast Number Six’s head. Number Six is surprised to see Koichi fighting since he knows that Koichi was on defense mode. Number Six wonders how Koichi interferes with his acceleration state since Overclock speed is unmatched. Overclock notices something about Koichi and comments that he sees it now.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes

My Hero Academia Vigilantes

Overclock analyzes how Koichi moves and how his body reacts to the attacks and comments that Koichi’s body can act faster than Number Six thoughts. Number Six wonders what Overclock is trying to say when he said he must not try to reencounter the Crawler. Overclock talked about Koichi’s Superior Quirk, range attacks, defensive force field, and how he possesses the subconscious reflexes to trigger each of those actions when needed.

Number Six thinks that Koichi can only dodge and run away, but he would build up and go on the offensive next time they face him. The two realize that Koichi will surpass All Might, and all Villains will fear him. Number Six comments that he doesn’t care about the upcoming days since his turn is today. Number Six gets furious and decided to use his full power to punish Koichi. He comments that he will take the Crawler with his full power. Number Six unleashes Operation Anonymous Phase 6.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 108 Release Date

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 108 will be released on Friday, 27 August 2021. The manga release two chapters every month, and the upcoming chapter is around the corner when this month ends. My Hero Academia Vigilantes runs on a monthly bio release, and it is rare for manga to delay the upcoming chapters.

Where To Read My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 108?

You can read My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 108 online on VIZ. The new chapter airs every month on the first Friday and last Friday; you can read them online on VIZ for free. We will update My Hero Academia Vigilantes’ next chapter as soon as the manga releases the latest chapter online on its official platforms. Let’s meet in a few days since the next chapter will release soon.

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