September 25, 2021

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Nevertheless, Episode 9 Release Date and Preview

Nevertheless Episode 9 Preview

Nevertheless, Episode 9 is almost here and everyone has just one question – Who Does Nabi End Up With? The plot seems to be thickening and it seems to be getting very difficult to wait any longer for the last two episodes. Since June this year, Nevertheless, a K-Drama based on a manhwa of the same name, seems to have become the favorite romance drama of 2021. Following the stories of a group of university students and their complicated relationships, people across the world have found at least one character in Nevertheless that they could relate to.

Jae Eon is a flirtatious first-year student in a fictional university’s art department. Meanwhile, Nabi is a senior. Both of them harbor feelings for each other, but in 2021, as young students in their early 20s, everyone wants to keep it ‘casual’. Nabi was cheated upon by her ex, while Jae Eon is commitment-phobic. This is where Do Hyeok enters the plot. He is Nabi’s childhood friend with sincere feelings towards her. Nabi, however, regardless of all the red flags that Jae Eon gives her, is more drawn towards him. Let’s not forget Seol-a, Jae Eon’s ex-partner who also believes in ‘open relationships’. Episode 9 in the scintillating series is almost here. Read on to find out what you should be bracing yourself for as the story progresses.

Nevertheless, Episode 9: Release Date and Preview

The Nevertheless, Episode 9 will be released at 11 P.M. KST on August 14, 2021. If you are in South Korea, you can watch it on JTBC2. However, the latest episodes will be released a couple of hours after they are aired, on Netflix. You can watch them from anywhere in the world.

In Nevertheless, Episode 9 we will see both Jae Eon and Do Hyeok put their best foot forward to win Nabi’s heart. And, the poor girl seems to be as torn as ever. Jae Eon seems to be going all out for her. He even says that he is not used to the way he feels around her. Jae Eon asks Nabi if they should start going out. Do Hyeok, on the other hand, is adamant to prove to Nabi that Jae Eon’s feelings towards her are not sincere. All he wants is for her to be happy, no matter who she chooses to be with.

Nevertheless, Episode 8: Recap

The Nevertheless, Episode 8 starts with the fireworks that Do Hyeok had set up for everyone. In this episode, we see Do Hyeok confess his feelings to Nabi, who is in tears. Nabi tells Do Hyeok that this is very bad timing for her, and rightly so. After they broke the kiss, Nabi left Jae Eon when he said he cannot stop again once they start. The next day, Jae Eon visits Nabi’s aunt. He tells her that he wants to learn pottery from her. Everyone returns to Seoul the next day, with Jae Eon being the first to leave.

Nevertheless Episode 9 Preview

Jae Eon and Nabi


In Seoul, the relationships between all the friends change by several manifolds. Kyu Hyun and Bitna decide that it’s best to break up with each other. On the other hand, Sol has confessed her honest feelings for Jiwon by telling her that she likes her way more than just a friend. Jiwon tells Sol that she likes her very much too but is very confused about what category her feelings fall under. However, she ensures Sol that she meant everything she said in her drunken state.

Shifting the focus to another underrated couple in the series, we move to Gyeong Jun and Min Young. The two of them seem to have quite the chemistry going on between them. While Min Young keeps making feeble attempts at hinting at a possible shift in homes, Gyeong Jun keeps persuading her to stay for as long as she can. Let’s not forget him introducing her to his mother as his girlfriend a few episodes back.

Who Does Nabi End Up With?

Moving back to the main plot, Nabi visits an art gallery with Jae Eon in Seoul. Incidentally, it happens to be the same one where her former boyfriend held his ‘the sight of my lover from behind’ exhibition. Jae Eon tells her that he had come to this gallery once before, on a snowy day, and seen the girl he fell in love with at first sight. He also said that he had the pleasure of meeting her again later. Is he talking about Nabi? We will have to wait to find out.

Nevertheless Episode 9 Release DateNevertheless Episode 9 Release Date

Do Hyeok in Nevertheless,

On the other hand, Jae Eon has counselors from foreign universities visiting him for a possible transfer program. Nothing is sure yet though. Later Jae Eon also agrees to model for the senior class’ live class when the contractual model cancels at the last moment.

Coming to Do Hyeok and Nabi, he makes an elaborate lunch and visits her at University. They have a small picnic on the campus after the live class. Jae Eon is visibly flustered and jealous of Do Hyeok. Later Do Hyeok also visits the restaurant he worked for and tells his seniors about his feelings for Nabi. With the series coming to an end, and just two episodes to go – we will finally find out who Nabi ends up with. Whether the writers have changed the story or the series meets the same climax as the manhwa did, we are almost there.

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