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New Anime News Podcast Weeb Weekly!

Hi! My roommate and I are about two months into running an Anime Podcast called Weeb Weekly, and well, I figured why not start trying to get people outside of our parents to listen to it! Every week we cover the latest news from the anime/manga world, and slightly beyond.

We also spin the Wheel of Fate, in which we’ve put every possible episode or movie from the Fate mega-verse into a Random Number Generator, and we let the Holy Grail decide which universe we jump to that week. I’ve seen quite a bit of Fate, my partner in crime had seen none of it prior to this. He is…very confused so far.

And thennnn, we’re currently building a Waifu Watch and Best Boy Bulletin, where we rank characters brought to the table that week. Currently, the Number 1 Best Boy is Yusuke Urameshi, and the Number 1 Waifu is Rin Tohsaka

Basically, if you want to hear two guys gush over figurines, the Rent-a-Girlfriend girls, and why Sword Art Online is actually a GOOD show, we’d love to have you! We’re on all the podcast streaming apps, just search for Weeb Weekly!

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