New Book Compiles Around 1,400 Kinnikuman Techniques

Find out how the wrestling moves work—even the superhuman ones

The “Gakken no Zukan” picture field guide is an indispensable educational book series in Japan. While most entries are dedicated to documenting natural life, an upcoming installment takes on the task of compiling information from the Kinnikuman series—specifically the techniques depicted in the original manga and its sequel Kinnikuman Nisei – Second Generations. It features approximately 1,400 techniques and over 1,600 illustrations.

The techniques are sorted into nine sections: blunt strike, body press, external wound, lock, throw, knock, crash, sealed move, and superhuman technique. The book lists not just moves from the Kinnikuman series but also real-life wrestling moves. Complicated moves will get frame-by-frame diagrams explaining how they work. There are also pages analyzing the superhuman abilities from a scientific perspective.

Along with a regular edition, the book will also receive a special first printing edition with a case drawn by Kinnikuman manga creator duo Yumetamago. The book will ship in Japan on September 15.

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