January 29, 2022

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New Horimiya One Shot To Be Released Soon


The month of February has always been long-awaited for Valentine’s Day. For weebs, with the right manga or anime, Valentine’s Day could be extremely special irrespective of whether they have a partner or not. To make things better, a Horimiya One shot has been announced to bring in the love-feels for its fans. The anime adaptation of Horimiya has been one of the most successful romantic anime. With its cute and individual characters and a plotline that does more than just fan service, Horimiya has impressed several fans. Although the anime concluded, there is more in store to look forward to, undoubtedly.

The first Horimiya manga was launched in 2007, and it ran till 2011 for 10 volumes. This was written and illustrated by Hero. It was relaunched and serialized in Square Enix’s Monthly G Fantasy from 2011 till 2021. This time, the manga was written by Hero and illustrated by Daisuke Hagiwara. The manga was compiled into a total of 16 volumes and then published in English by Yen Press. In January 2021, the manga-inspired 13 episode anime adaptation from CloverWorks which earned an 8.2 rating from more than 490k users on the website.

The original creators have more in store with us and are coming back with a Horimiya One-shot. Here is everything we know about the upcoming manga.

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Horimiya: Plot

The original Horimiya manga revolves majorly around the two titular protagonists, Hori and Miya, who live dual lives. Hori is the dynamic and popular girl of high school. On the first impression, she would seem like someone who goes to karaoke and lives a youthful life. However, out of school, she is a rather average girl who looks after her brother, cooks, dresses up messy at home, and enjoys horror movies.

Miyamura is her classmate who emits a gloomy aura. He has barely ever revealed his face as half of his face is covered with his hair. Furthermore, he sits alone and is often referred to as an Otaku. However, once out of school, Miyamura is a boy who has piercings and tattoos over his body, a side of him he keeps hidden.

Although the personalities of both the characters do not change, they have a whole new side that they discover on a chance meeting. As they get to know each other, they escape their inner demons and head on ahead to live a youthful life. Horimiya tracks the story of the two main characters and the people around them, exploring their youthful years and the different ways they experience love.

Manga: Horimiya

Horimiya one shot

The Horimiya manga by Hero and Daisuke Hagiwara concluded in March 2021. Later in July, an epilogue chapter was also released, which had fans rejoicing over the news. While fans believed that the manga had ended, the original creators have come forward with something new based on the popular romance series.

Square Enix announced that a new Horimiya One shot by Daisuke Hagiwara will be launched soon. The new manga is set to release on 12 February 2022.

Horimiya One-Shot will be released in the 3/2022 issue of the Monthly Shōnen Gangnam. We expect the manga to get translated into English by Yen Press on its launch like its previous editions. The concept and story of the manga have not been announced. However, given the glorious history of the series, we hope that all the readers look forward to yet another addition to the Horimiya franchise.

Where to read Horimiya?

Horimiya is a popular manga from Square Enix. It has sold more than 208,788 copies in Japan. The manga’s sales were boosted many folds after its anime adaptation was released. It has been quite difficult to find the manga digitally. However, all 15 volumes of the manga are available to purchase on Yen Press.

Volume 15 HorimiyaVolume 15 Horimiya
Horimiya: Volume 15

Where to watch Horimiya?

While reading the manga might come in difficult, why not try watching (or re-watching) the anime adaptation for valentine’s day? Horimiya is a popular anime that is streaming on several platforms. The anime is currently streaming on Hulu and Funimation.

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