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New Jersey’s AnimeNEXT Cancels 2022 Event Due to Issues with Convention Center

Center is raising prices, does not require masks, has not communicated properly with convention staff

The staff of New Jersey-based anime convention AnimeNEXT announced on Wednesday that it is calling off all public-facing attractions of AnimeNEXT 2022, which includes the in-person convention. The staff is canceling the event because of issues with the Atlantic City Convention Center, which the convention had been using since 2016.

The staff stated that the convention center is raising all prices that the event pays by 40-70% because AnimeNEXT has not occurred at the center in two years, the center does not require masks so AnimeNEXT cannot enforce policies regarding the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the nearby Orange Loop Rock Festival event is also occurring during the same weekend, and the center did not inform AnimeNEXT staff of the festival or of other necessary items.

Due to the contractual obligations, the convention staff still required to hold an “event” within the convention center or they would trigger multiple cancellation clauses. The staff is holding staff-only workshops and team-building exercises to plan for for AnimeNEXT 2023.

The last in-person AnimeNEXT event was held at Atlantic City Convention Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey in June 2019. The convention was canceled in 2020 due to COVID-19, and there was an online event in 2021.

AnimeNEXT convention suspended former convention chair and staff member Eric Torgersen in May 2019 pending an investigation into alleged sexual misconduct stemming from complaints reported to staff in 2015.

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