Night Head 2041 Episode 7: Release Date, Where To Watch & Spoilers

Night Head 2041 Episode 7 will air online soon; let’s find more about the upcoming episode and other latest updates of this anime. Mike, Emily, and their boss betrayed Naoto and Naoya while Jin discovered their location and sent his men after the Kiriya brothers. Yuya felt the strange presence and realizes that he is feeling what is happening to his brother. The boss from the other side wants to get Naoto’s power to fight against the SWE. Naoto and Naoya got restrained, and the powers within him awaken.

Naoto recalls the day when Mr. Kiriya looked them inside the glass tube, testing their abilities. The siblings wanted to be set free, and Kiriya was impressed by how the two can use their superpowers. Naoto tries to fight with Kiriya telling him to let them go home, and the scientist reveals that Naoto’s brain locked during the activation. Jin realizes that it is more significant than Masayuki, and Naoto is on the verge of awakening. In the present day, the boss insists that Naoto has to help them, and they have the power to change the world. But Naoto refuses, and Naoya saw the future where all the soldiers inside the room got killed.

Mike witnessed that vision and wonders what happened when they snapped out of it. Naoya warns Kasana that his attacks will fail and told him to stop. Mike hits Naoya on his neck and sends him to sleep. Yuya’s memories trigger and reveal how he saw when they took their parents. Shoko’s story is still a mystery, and the boys realize that if they get Shoko and the boy that got kidnaped, their plans will work. Masayaki’s mother wonders why she has to suffer like this, and Kasane, with his men, has chained her.

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Previously on Night Head 2041 Episode 6

The new reporters reveal that the long-running conflict in the Middle East that was believed that it would conclude has awakened. Naoto and the other waked up and heard that news. The news reporter asks one of the men to give them his idea concerning the conflicts. The guy told them that most of the world is still filled with dangerous beliefs, such as believing in the supernatural. Such thoughts result in another major war. The lady asks him how the Japanese law can respond to that matter, and the guy replies that their country has strong laws and enforcement measures and they are a model of peace to the whole world.

Night Head 2041

Night Head 2041

Kasana gets furious when he heard the word model peace, and Naoto decided to cooperate since Naoya is in another car and if not so, Naoya is dead. The crew is heading somewhere using two vehicles, and the two brothers are in different cars. Kasana comments that the government is acting like fiction is the root of evil. Naoto asks Kasane if Naoya is safe. Kasane remarks that he thought Naoto is still sleeping. Naoto replies that if something happens to Naoya, they will regret it.

Kasane adds that Naoya’s safety depends on how Naoto is behaving and cooperating with them. He asks Naoto if he heard the fake news and media is rotten as everybody else. Naoto is still on Naoya’s issues and asks Kasane what he will make him do. Kasane replies that he wants Naoto to show him his powers in front of the whole world. They arrived at the building, and Naoya warns the soldiers that one of their men is a traitor. The war broke, and Emily decides to help Naoya. Naoto battles with Takuya, who thinks that the two took their parents.

Night Head 2041 Episode 7 Release Date

Night Head-2041 Episode 7 will be released on 26 August 2021, Thursday at 12:55 PM. The new episode of Night Head 2041 is available on Thursdays. You can get it on Wednesday using the time in your region. The final episode of Night Head 2041 is around the corner since the anime is left with three to conclude. Let’s look at Night Head 2041 PV below.

Where To Watch Night Head 2041 Episode 7?

You can watch Night Head 2041 Episode 7 online on Crunchyroll and ANIPLUS. Night Head 2041 Twitter account, website, and other platforms update the news about this anime. The episodes of  Night Head 2041 air online with English subtitles.

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