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Home » Nijisanji ‘Palette’ 004: ‘Trial and Error’ World Edition Album Releases on 9th July

Nijisanji ‘Palette’ 004: ‘Trial and Error’ World Edition Album Releases on 9th July

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Music produced by world renowned producer/DJ banvox! Lyrics written by Natsumi Tadano, who has written songs for many popular artists!

9 July 2021 – Tokyo, Japan

ANYCOLOR Inc. (formerly Ichikara Inc., headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Riku Tazumi, hereinafter referred to as “the company”) is pleased to announce that the VTuber group NIJISANJI will release the world edition music album for “Trial and Error” as part of their 3rd anniversary commemoration project “PALETTE”. “Trial and Error” is the third release of the music project “PALETTE 004 – Trial and Error”. All seven versions of this song will be released for download and streaming.

NIJISANJI EN’s VTuber Elira Pendora is also part of the project and will be lending her vocals to the English version of “Trial and Error”, so don’t miss it!

Elira Pendora:

About the release:
Under the concept of “NIJISANJI World”, this is the third music release of the NIJISANJI 3rd Anniversary Project “PALETTE”. With the message of, “Joining hands together with people regardless of age, gender, nationality, etc., and never giving up in the face of obstacles. We will continue to challenge ourselves even when covered in mud.”

By bringing together Virtual Livers and artists around the world, seven versions of the song in five languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and Indonesian) have been simultaneously produced and sung by six NIJISANJI Livers, making it accessible to a global audience.

“PALETTE” special site (Japanese only):

Release schedule:
7/9(Fri): “PALETTE 004 – Trial and Error (World Edition)” will be available for purchase on iTunes.
7/16(Fri): “PALETTE 004 – Trial and Error (World Edition)” will be available for streaming on various streaming services.

Music produced by world renowned producer/DJ banvox! Lyrics written by Natsumi Tadano, who has written songs for many popular artists!

Participating VTubers
Rin Shizuka (NIJISANJI, Japan)
Kohaku Todo (NIJISANJI, Japan)
Elira Pendora (NIJISANJI EN)
Nara Haramaung (NIJISANJI ID, Indonesia)
Chae Ara (NIJISANJI KR, South Korea)
Eine (VirtuaReal, China)

Album Overview
PALETTE 004 – Trial and Error

M1  Trial and Error
M2  Trial and Error (Japanese Ver.) feat. 静凛
M3  Trial and Error (Japanese Ver.) feat. 東堂コハク
M4  Trial and Error (English Ver.) feat. Elira Pendora
M5  Trial and Error (Indonesian Ver.) feat. Nara Haramaung
M6  Trial and Error (Korean Ver.) feat. Chae Ara
M7  Trial and Error (Chinese Ver.) feat. Eine

Price (tax included):
*This album contains seven tracks.
Full album: 1,800 yen
Single track: 250 yen

About PALETTE (excerpt from the special website)
NIJISANJI has been able to grow and develop thanks to our highly interactive and creative fans.
“PALETTE” is a special project to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of NIJISANJI. We hope to create a new “color” through our content that incorporates the thoughts of fans and creators.
We love to see fans create all kinds of creative works such as illustrations, manga, videos, remixes, songs, novels, and we hope that you will use the hashtag #nijisanji_palette to share your creations with the community!
As we paint each new color together, this “palette” will shine vividly.


NIJISANJI project is a VTuber program where a variety of talented influencers participate. The objective of this project is to accelerate the beginning of the next generation of entertainment through services such as events, sale of goods and digital contents, production of music, etc. As of November 2020, more than 100 VTubers are actively performing unique activities on video streaming platforms such as YouTube.

About NIJISANJI’s overseas VTuber project:
Through expansion of the VTuber business overseas and localization with countries all over the world, we aim to acquire enthusiastic and passionate global fans. As of May 2021, the project has expanded to three Asian countries (China/Indonesia/Korea) in their local languages as well as English.Our goal is to act as the bridge that delivers Japan’s entertainment content to other countries, utilizing the networks of each country.

■ For more information, visit:
・ NIJISANJI Official website:
・ NIJISANJI Official Twitter (Japanese account):
・ NIJISANJI Official Twitter (English account):

For more information about NIJISANJI Overseas groups, visit:
■ VirtuaReal (China)



Official Homepage:


Our company, which was founded in May 2017, has been in business for four full years and is currently operating as a comprehensive entertainment company with about 200 employees and 100 talents, including our core business, VTuber group NIJISANJI, and other VTuber businesses in Japan and overseas, as well as the VR communication business Yumenographia.
In May 2021, we will enter our fifth year, and as we approach the beginning of the new year, we have restructured our corporate brand (corporate rebranding) to embody the values and direction that we want to emphasize. We will continue to work to earn the expectations and trust of as many people as possible.

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