October 17, 2021

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Nobunagun’s Masato Hisa Launches Manga ‘Reboot’ of Mirrorman Series

Nobunagun's Masato Hisa Launches Manga 'Reboot' of Mirrorman Series

Tsuburaya Productions announced on Monday that Masato Hisa is drawing a new manga “reboot” of the company’s Mirrorman tokusatsu series titled Mirrorman 2D. The manga celebrates the Mirrorman series’ 50th anniversary. The manga will debut on July 30 on Hero’s Inc.’s ComiPlex website and on Tsuburaya’s Tsuburaya Imagination website. The manga will be set in the present day.

In addition, Tsuburaya is streaming the original series in weekly episodes with English subtitles on its official YouTube channel. The first episode is already available.

Tsuburaya describes the original series:

198X. The aliens called the invaders began ther invasion. They took the form of humans and caused various affairs in the human world.
Dr. Mitarai, who represented Japan at the International Earth Defence Council, organized SGM. However, humans were being faced with difficulties about their protection against the invaders’ smart plots.
Kyotaro Kagami (Age 23) was brought up by the doctor as if he were the doctor’s son. One day the doctor told Kyotaro that he is Mirrorman, and asked him to protect the earth from the invaders.

Tsuburaya Productions debuted the original Mirrorman series in 1971 as its first non-Ultraman series.

Hisa’s Nobunagun manga previously inspired a television anime in 2014. The manga ran from 2011 to 2015. Hisa also drew the manga adaptation of the Batman Ninja anime. The two-volume manga launched in June 2018 and ended in September 2019.

Sources: Comiplex’s Twitter account, Phile Web (松永達矢)

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