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(Last Updated On: August 2, 2021)

It was announced that the second phase of the web animation “Tototsu ni Egyptian God” is underway.

“Tototsu ni Egyptian God” depicts ancient Egyptian gods such as Anubis and Toto spending their time freely. Hiro Shimono as Anubis, Yuki Kaji as Toto, Tomoya Nakamura as narration. The first phase of the anime was out in 2020. The information for the second term was revealed during the night performance of the event “Tototsu ni Daibanquet” held on August 1st today. Stay tuned for more details.

Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God Short Form TV Anime Returns for the Second Season
© yuka / Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God Project

Welcome to the world of the Egyptian gods. This is where the famous gods of Ancient Egypt, from Anubis to Thoth, live their lives freely. How freely, you ask? Bastet appears out of nowhere, singing and dancing. Medjed is always stone-faced. Horus works a part-time job. Set is devoted to pulling pranks. Ra’s off traveling and rarely comes home… All the Gods basically just do whatever they want! These cute mascot Egyptian deities make the most of their unrestrained divine lives. The extremely popular characters of “Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God” now have their own anime!

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In addition, “Tototsu ni Egyptian God” will be distributed all at once. You can watch all episodes for free on GYAO! For a limited time until August 14th.

Source – Comic Natalie

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