One Piece Chapter 1021 Spoilers & Plot Summary

One Pece 1021 spoilers came a little later than usual for this week as we get to enjoy two consecutive chapters without a break in a while. Last month saw several breaks in the release of One Piece manga chapters which only had two chapters released in the space of one month. For August, things will be slightly different with only one break expected, so we should get our fair share of the chapters.

The manga’s last chapter hinted at Luffy’s recovery and his intention to have Momonosuke take him back to the skull dome where Yamato currently holds off Kaidou from going on a killing spree like he did Kinemon and Kiku. So for the upcoming chapters, we expect more updates on the parts that the manga has touched on in the previous chapter.

We should also understand that as the biggest one on one battle, Yamato vs. Kaidou might not get full attention anytime soon with other battlefronts like Black Maria vs. Robin, which just went in full swing in the last chapter as well. So just like the other battles against the Tobiroppo, we should expect this one to wrap up in a chapter or two. But it has not split into two battles, with Brook keeping Hatcha and Black Maria’s minion from interfering with Robin.

Taking a look at One Piece 1021 spoilers, the chapter will be mostly filled with Black Maria and Robin’s fight, and it looks like we might not get many updates from Brook’s side. One Piece Chapter 1021 will be officially released this weekend and will be the second chapter for this month, so we will also look at possible manga breaks announced so far for this month.

One Piece Momonosuke

One Piece Momonosuke

One Piece Chapter 1021 Spoilers

We have received the latest spoilers thanks to Redon, courtesy of the One Piece subreddit.

The chapter will be titled “Demonio” based on Robin’s new attack.

On the cover, Franky and Señor Pink are crying in a bar with a leopard bartender (who is crying too) while having a drink.

The chapter starts with the battle between Robin and Black Maria, at the point where we left off in the previous chapter. Black Maria comments to Robin that her giant seems to consume a lot of energy; Robin tells her not to worry because the fight will be over soon. Robin attacks Black Maria with “Sea Serpent” (Sea Dragon Flower), and sends her giant arms slithering like snakes grabbing Black Maria’s legs.

Black Maria replies by using the spiky tip of her weapon to attack Robin’s arm. She realizes that the damage also transfers to Robin’s main body, so she keeps attacking the giant arms to damage Robin.
Black Maria attacks with the tips of her legs, which have poison needles, injuring the giant arms as well. Robin is left with no option but to retract her arms back to avoid the attack.

At the same moment, Black Maria uses a new attack called “Maria Net” launching her spider webs to grab Robin’s giant arms. Then she uses a new attack called “Oshizumaria” (Binding Maria ) tying up the main arms of Robin’s giant body, leaving her body defenseless. Black Maria wears her metal knuckles and punches the giant Robin’s face with the attack “Oiran Knuckle.”

The attack affects the original Robin, who, in the end, has to vanish the giant Robin. Then Robin creates four giant arms behind Black Maria and tried to grab her, but Black Maria uses “Ikitomaria” (Dead End Maria) to creating a wall of spider webs to block Robin’s attack. Next, Black Maria asks her spider minion to burn the spider webs that she has created on the battlefield.

The spider spits fire from its mouth using the technique “Atatamaria” (Flaming Maria) and set the webs on fire, creating a flame wall all over the area. Black Maria mocks Robin on what she has said earlier.

Black Maria: “I think you should try to bloom something in this place. However, I think no flower will bloom in the sea of flames.” As she is talking, Black Maria created a sticky spider web behind Robin and then sticks to it.

Black Maria: “In the end, you could not finish this fight quickly as you said … You came to cover Black Leg’s failure, and now that you have lost, both of you will just look stupid again!! Ufufufufu, Why don’t you call the skeleton to put out this fire again!?”

Brook, who was listening to the conversation, replies quickly. Brook tells Black Maria that it is a stupid thing to say and warns her that if he was her, he would get away from there as soon as possible.

Black Maria continues and punches Robin’s real body, who is still caught in her net. Black Maria: tells Robin that she is just a tool and her knowledge is the only valuable thing about her. She tells Robin that she doesn’t even need legs or hands as she intends to break them off Robin’s body. We then see a small flashback in which Nico Robin thinks back to the time she spent with the Revolutionary Army.

Koala and Sabo want to teach her martial arts since they won’t be able to protect her after she leaves. Koala offers to teach Fishman Karate, while Sabo wants to teach her “Ryuusouken” (Dragon’s Claw Fist). Hack arrives and tells Koala and Sabo to leave Robin alone since her joint lock is strong enough and she won’t need to be protected. Robin tells Koala and Sabo that she still wants to learn a bit about how she could use her “palms.”

So Koala and Sabo happily agrees to teach her. Robin thinks back to a few times that she used her “palms” after time skip (like the time she used her “Gigantesco Mano” on the way to Fishman Island to protect the Sunny from crashing into rocks) and also thought about how the lessons have been useful. Sabo taught her how to look through the “core” of her target, and Koala taught her the “Gyojin Karate” secret moves.

Robin recovers her strength and attacks with “Mil Fleur Gyojin Karate: Giganteum” and sends her giant palm to break the ceiling creating a shockwave (like “Gyojin Karate” punch). The falling rubbles also put out the fire and destroy Black Maria’s webs. Robin then uses a new technique called “Demonio Fleur”, transforming her giant body into a black demon with bat wings, horns, and fangs (maybe her body is black because she uses Color of Arms Haki?). Black Maria is shocked and screams. Black Maria: “Demon!?”

Robin: “I have no problem with becoming a demon. Since there are people who make me feel needed…!! And people who willingly rely on me for help!!” As she speaks, Robin creates more arms around Black Maria to grab her.
Robin teases Black maria and reminded her that she said arms and legs aren’t needed while performing “Gran Jacuzzi Clutch” Black Maria screams.

In an impressive double-page, Robin appears in her giant demon form and clutches Black Maria’s body until she is knocked out and bleeding from her mouth. After hearing her screams, Black Maria’s subordinates try to check out what’s happening, but Brook intercepts them and creates a wall of ice to stop them from passing to the other side of the room. Black Maria subordinates then see Black Maria unconscious on the ground and Robin’s demon form through a small opening on the wall. Black Maria’s subordinates: “Demon!?”

The ice wall starts to break apart, but before Black Maria’s subordinates can go to help her, Brook steps in front of them. In another great double-page, Brook uses a new attack called “Phrase D’armes Orchestra” attacking them with a cut of ice in the shape of a G-clef, defeating them. Brook grabs Robin, who is injured, while bird Mary is watching from a distance…

Cutting to Tokage Port in Wano. Luffy has recovered and is eating a month’s worth of supplies that Caribou keeps in his body. The Heart Pirates asks Luffy about the situation in Onigashima, but Luffy is answering while he’s eating, so they don’t understand anything.

Shinobu and Momonosuke left the group for a moment to talk privately. Momonosuke is asking Shinobu to do a favor for him. Shinobu tells Momonosuke that she can’t do what Momonosuke asked. If she does it, there is no reverting back, and even though Momonosuke’s body will change, his heart will remain of a child.”

Momonosuk tells Shinobu that it’s OK for him, as long as he has a chance to become a bigger dragon. He pleads to Shinobu to use her “Juku Juku no Jutsu” to turn him into an adult!!!”
End of chapter. Break next week because Weekly Shonen Jump magazine will be on holiday (no Jump chapters next week).

———-Break Next Week Due to a Japanese National Holiday———-

One Piece Chapters for August 2021

The One Piece manga break has been confirmed for next weekend, and since this is due to a national holiday in Japan, it means that One Piece Chapter 1022 will not be published by 15 August 2021. This means that the manga will return on the weekend after that with One Piece Chapter 1022. If ever you were wondering when will One Piece Chapter 1022 release, then this should be enough to explain why the chapter will take longer to release.

Taking a look at the spoilers of the upcoming chapter, it looks like Robin and Black Maria’s fight will continue for a while. And this might take longer since we are yet to get updates from Brook’s side as well. On the other hand, Luffy is recovering well, and it might not take him long to return to the fight. So this might indicate that his showdown with Kaidou again is not that far. But before that, we also wait to see what is happening with Kaidou and Yamato.

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