One Piece Episode 1015 Indicates That Luffy’s Endgame Might Be Different?

one piece Episode 1015 theory
One piece Episode 1015 Indicates that Luffy’s Endgame Might be Different?

One Piece Episode 1015 literally shocked everyone with its top-tier production quality. The amount of emotions this episode made us feel was just over the top. Today we’ll discuss the possibility of Luffy having a different endgame towards his end of the journey. As there were many hints in this episode stating that. We got to see the flashback scene of The Legendary Trio, Sabo, Ace, and of course, Luffy. And how the legendary Pirates of the One Piece world were paralleled to each of them. Sabo being Paralleled to Oden, Ace being Paralleled to White Beard, and Luffy with Gol D. Roger. After the release of Episode 1015, Fans just can’t wait for One Piece Episode 1016 to release.

The History of One Piece in making is also a great Journey in itself. One Piece anime was adapted from the manga of the same name written and Illustrated by, Eiichiro Oda. Its First serialization started in 1997, as of April 2022, there are a total of 102 Volumes Published. The One Piece anime series first began broadcasting in 1999 and was produced by Toei Animation Studios. The One Piece anime has been the most profitable franchise for the Studios. And as well as for the Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump manga magazine. Here are all the details regarding the theory of Luffy’s new endgame.

Recap and Review of One Piece Anime Episode 1015

One Piece Episode 1015 clasps between past and present during the conversation between Ace and Yamato. And also how it overshadows that Oden’s Journal might reveal everything we wanted to know about Luffy and Roger. As stated in the journal about an Era, after 20 years that someone will rise to the top. And that person being Luffy. After that, we return to the present, where We see a showdown between Pirates of the worst generation, Kaidou, and Big Mom. Luffy’s entry was very energetic, with literal goosebumps. Lastly, the episode ends with Luffy landing a huge emotional Punch on Kaidou. And also says that he’ll become the King of the pirates besting both them, Kaidou and Big Mom.

One Piece Episode 1015 - Ace and Yamato FlashbackOne Piece Episode 1015 - Ace and Yamato Flashback
Ace and Yamato Flashback

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How is Luffy’s dream different from being a Pirate King?

Throughout episode 1015 of one piece, during the flashback scene of ace telling Yamato about his brother. And then Yamato’s realization in the moment that what Ace told her about the conversation between him and his brothers was meant to be. As written in the journal of Oden. The one thing that this episode clearly establishes is that. Luffy actually has another dream besides being Pirate king.

One Piece Episode 1015 - Luffy and Roger DreamOne Piece Episode 1015 - Luffy and Roger Dream
Luffy and Roger Dream

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Cause if we think about it, Luffy has been saying all this time about his dream of being a Pirate King. And the Mangaka of the One Piece anime, Oda has of course, mentioned it countless times in his manga as well. But why does every flashback of Luffy, Sabo, and Ace ends when Luffy is about to say his dream. Same with this episode, where Luffy and Roger resemble each other, say that “I’LL Be…” and then the scene cuts.

One Piece Episode 1015 - Old LAce FlahbackOne Piece Episode 1015 - Old LAce Flahback
Old Ace Flashback intervened with Episode 1015

Only Ace, Sabo, and Yamato know about his true dream of Luffy. Because what will be the endgame for Luffy if he reached the One Piece. Cause to become Pirate king is only step one for Luffy. And there must be something different that he might do when he reaches the top. This all is still a mystery that Oda wants to keep and have us fan guessing for it.

What can be the Endgame For Luffy after reaching to the top?

Many Fans believe that Luffy’s endgame might be to unite oceans by destroying the red line. This is by far the most trending theory that many fans believe is true. But what one might also say is that One Piece is also about all the Beings of the One Piece world. Having a celebration together being part of the new world.

One Piece Episode 1015 - AceOne Piece Episode 1015 - Ace
Ace and Sabo laugh at Luffy’s Reply

Not just being discriminated against their race or their devil fruit powers. Luffy always wants to eat and party, and this might be crazy. Because in the 1015 episode of One Piece, during the flashbacks, we see everyone laughing at Luffy’s answer and telling him, “Can’t wait to see how your future will turn out”. Luffy’s real dream might be so foolish that it actually made them laugh.

Where to watch One Piece Episode 1016 Online?

One Piece Episode 1016 will be available to watch on Crunchyroll in The US and Canada. But unfortunately, you cannot watch it in India yet. There are talks of Crunchyroll being simultaneously streaming the One Piece anime in India soon. When that happens, we’ll update our Piece fans Regarding it.

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