One Piece Odyssey Fans Will Enjoy Indie RPG Sailing Era

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For audiences who love AAA title One Piece Odyssey, Sailing Era will seem familiar. It’s a cute naval indie game that also deserves a look.

Audiences are currently rushing to One Piece Odyssey, a new AAA JRPG and arguably the first big release of 2023. However, over in the world of indie games, there is a similar adventure RPG that many gamers might not know about. Sailing Era is a rising new game about traversing the open sea. Players can face pirates, collect bounties, and curate their crew of unique sailors. Although it doesn’t draw from the success of the mega-popular One Piece franchise, it has a similar manga style, Odyssey-like mechanics, and a fun atmosphere of adventure.

Vast AAA RPGs get more popular every year. Despite smaller budgets and development resources, indie games are still following this trend as well. Sailing Era not only has a lot to offer as a gaming experience, but it has mechanics and storytelling capabilities that can compare with big AAA successes like One Piece Odyssey. Here’s why gamers who are fond of Odyssey should give Sailing Era a try.

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What Sailing Era Has to Offer

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Sailing Era sports surprisingly robust sailing mechanics, wherein players must navigate through full weather systems and turbulent wave patterns. Courageous gamers can even venture out into the unforgiving sea to track down sunken treasures. When players manage to get back to a port safely, each town offers opportunities for trade, ship upgrades, and unique new crew members. For any players that want in-depth adventure wandering the high seas or another well-made indie JRPG, Sailing Era is a solid option.

Although it’s an indie game, Sailing Era seems as vast as the AAA world of One Piece Odyssey. It combines many different types of RPG-style combat, both on land and on the ocean. When enemies are successfully defeated, each crew member can level up their stats and upgrade trees. Sailing Era also explores a variety of art styles, from 8-bit pixel art to vibrant, hand-drawn illustrations. Any fan of Japanese animation will love the detailed town design and character portraits.

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The Similarities Sailing Era Shares With One Piece Odyssey

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Sailing Era does have similarities to the One Piece franchise in its art style as well as its characters and dialogue. Each new character in Sailing Era is as cartoonishly vivid as the last. Exploring the world of this game also feels quite like One Piece Odyssey. Sailing Era has a big world full of secrets, ruined civilizations, and unfolding storylines around every corner. Many encounters in Sailing Era are reminiscent of One Piece Odyssey‘s unpredictable Dramatic Scenes. Random encounters in Sailing Era can come about in many different ways and can uniquely involve members of the player’s crew.

Overall, it is exciting to see the indie game world rise up to the aspirations of huge sprawling AAA titles like One Piece Odyssey. Although these two games are quite different, Odyssey players would no doubt find a lot to enjoy in Sailing Era‘s oceans. For any gamers that like the ideas of Odyssey but have no idea what’s going on in the One Piece franchise, Sailing Era can serve as a smaller and more accessible alternative.


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