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One Piece Staff Thanks Olympic Athletes For Their Homages

USA’s Payton Otterdahl, Greece’s Miltiadis Tentoglou reference One Piece on world stage

One Piece has been getting a good rep from athletes at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics: On Monday, long jump gold medalist Miltiadis Tentoglou of Greece imitated Luffy’s Gear Second pose, and on Thursday, USA shot putter Payton Otterdahl tried his hands at Franky’s “Suuuuper” pose.

Their tributes have resonated with fans across the world; even the manga’s staff are expressing their delight. The One Piece staff official Twitter and Instagram accounts issued messages of gratitude to Tentoglou and Otterdahl for their actions.

“We sincerely celebrate the activities of our ‘NAKAMA’ around the world with the utmost respect for your efforts and achievements,” the account wrote in English and Greek.

Last week, archery bronze medalist Takaharu Furukawa referenced Is the order a rabbit? in a post-match interview, while silver medalist Deng Yu-Cheng became an internet sensation due to his social media posts about anime.

On Tuesday, boxing gold medalist Sena Irie told press that because she’s a big fan of video games, she’d like to work in the games industry after she retires from boxing. (Via Otakomu)

Japanese pop culture has been a key aspect of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, with the opening ceremony featuring video game tunes and placards evoking manga.

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