November 27, 2021

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Oresuki Creators’ Idol Light Novel Shine Post Gets Anime Next Summer

Oresuki Creators' Idol Light Novel Shine Post Gets Anime Next Summer

Multimedia project reveals cast, staff, videos, visuals, game, manga, concerts

Konami Digital Entertainment and Straight Edge announced on Tuesday that writer Rakuda and illustrator Buriki‘s Shine Post light novel is getting an anime adaptation that will premiere next summer. The anime will be part of the Shine Post multimedia idol project, which will also include a game by Akihiro Ishihara (The [email protected], Love Plus, Uma Musume Pretty Derby), a manga in Kadokawa‘s Monthly Comic Alive magazine, and concerts. The companies opened an official website, and the website revealed cast, staff, videos, and a visual. The first video teases the project:

The second video is a music video for the song “Be Your Light!!” by the idol group TiNgS, which consists of the project’s voice actors.

The cast includes:

Sayumi Suzushiro as Haru Nabatame, a member of idol group TiNgS who is part of the “Brightest” agency. She is a cheerful girl who is always positive when it comes to the members’ feelings.

Moeko Kanisawa (of idol group ≠ME) as Kyо̄ka Tamaki, who supports TiNgS with her calm singing and dancing skills. She has a cute appearance and a calm personality. She occasionally makes strict remarks to other members.

Yūko Natsuyoshi as Rio Seibu, a sweet and excitable girl who has unfounded, absolute self-confidence. Due to her straightforward personality, she is often immediately deceived.

Rimo Hasegawa as Yukine Giongi, a hot-blooded girl who is part of the Yukimoji unit with Momiji. Both her parents are famous actors, and she also has excellent acting ability.

Rika Nakagawa as Momiji Itо̄, who is part of the “Brightest” agency and the Yukimoji unit with Yukine. Momiji’s dancing skills are outstanding, although according to Rio, she seems like she is “shivering idiot” level.

Kei Oikawa (Uma Musume Pretty Derby) is directing the anime at Studio KAI. SPP is in charge of the series scripts. Tatsuto Higuchi (Revue Starlight) is writing the scripts with Rakuda, who is also credited as the author of the original novel series and for conceiving the world view. Yoshihiro Nagata (Macross Delta) is designing the anime characters based on Buriki‘s original character designs. Yōhei Kisara (Love Live! School idol project) of Stray Cats is producing the music.

Below is the teaser video for the game:

There will be a “TINGS LIVE JOURNEY ep.00 ~Prelude~ Mini Live Event “Wanna be your SHINEPOST!!!!!” on November 21 at Tokyo’s Yoani Live Station.

Rakuda and Buriki launched the Shine Post: Nee Shitteta? Watashi o Zettai Idol ni Suru Tame no, Goku Futsū de Atarimae na, to Bikkiri no Mahou (Shine Post: Did You Know? The Most Ordinary, Natural, and Unique Magic to Make Me an Absolute Idol) light novel on October 8. The two previously collaborated on the Ore wo Suki na no wa Omae Dake ka yo light novel series that also inspired a television anime.

Update: Game’s teaser video added.

Sources: Shine Post anime’s website, Comic Natalie

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